Ball shaped 'console' to beat Wii?

Finnish company Ball-It has released a soft, spherical gaming device known as the Blobo. Described in promotional materials as a console, the interactive ball apparently presents a challenge to the Nintendo Wii.

The main Blobo package, costing around 50 Euros via the official website, comes with the buttonless ball itself, and six games that use the system's motion sensitive controls, letting players try their hand at the likes of karate and basketball. Blobo is actually a dedicated accessory used to play specifically designed PC games.

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dib8rman3294d ago

It would obliterate the PS3 and Xbox360 on sales? Like 35 million sales a year would take the Wii out, but what does that say for the guys the Wii is decimating.

ZoidsRaven3294d ago

Do these guys have any idea how bad the gaming crash was?

Fact: The more consoles out there, the quicker we have a video game crash (like back in 1983).
Three consoles should be enough. 7_7

Shnazzyone3294d ago

looks like a pc peripheral.. not a console... pass!