CVG Forza Motorsport 2 Review

The biggest racing game ever created is about to be unleashed on Xbox 360. But will taking such a hardcore simulation approach to the genre turn more people off than on? The final code is in and we've been chipping away at it for weeks. Read on for CVG's verdict.

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xfrgtr4568d ago

"The biggest racing game ever created is about to be unleashed on Xbox 360."Muhahahahahahaha!!!! !

THC PRITCHARD4568d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

Dont like forza

I think Dirt is better

TOM4568d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

clearly you havent played it.The tuneing in ths game is so unbeliveably deep.I've never see so many tuneing and upgrade options.Truely an impressive game. The reveiwer seems to be a fan of arcade racers and has no clue what a good sim is,he had no buisiness writng this reveiw.

Added: Just FYI,THC changed his post after I responded.He basicly said he thought gt was better and had more options,not sure why he changed it.

nobizlikesnowbiz4568d ago

This is a real life driving simulator. I owned all previous Gran Turismos and Forza 2 blows them all away. I'm talking about gameplay physics alone, Forza wins. I've never felt so thrilled by the way the cars perform. Everything you do affects the cars performance in a REALISTIC sense. Maybe Sony's putting a lot of effort into GT for PS3. But don't spout fanboy comments like "Gran Trismo is well better" without having first played both games. Might I add you can't spell, and have no concept of correct grammar.

GT may be better, but don't dismiss Forza 2 as a sub-par game simply because you have a sexual relationship with your beloved PS3.

FadedDRFT4567d ago

Every year including this year the drivers use GT4 at the le mans race for practice, forza 2 may be fun (i do own it) but its driving physics are not as realistic as GT
P.S. ask any real race driver, GT4 has the best physics.

P4KY B4567d ago

you just dont have a clue.

Once your old enough to drive real cars you'll realise they dont drive like they do in GT.

Racers use GT because the tracks are accurate not because the physics are correct.

notwithstanding4567d ago

So you do admit it

"GT may be better" thanks for pointing it out for all of us. At least we know you're somewhat sane

Antan4568d ago

Ill be picking this up on Friday, i just hope i can enjot more i did the demo, i guess the obvious answer is of course i will!! Time to dust the wheel down!!!!

FordGTGuy4567d ago

AI has no personality? They have names favorite colors and different driving techniques how is that not personality.

notwithstanding4567d ago

This game fails to match what GT is. Driving Simulator lol geez dude get MS's pee pee out of your mouth

FordGTGuy4567d ago

Get Sony's c#ck out of your a$$.

notwithstanding4567d ago

A bit snippy perhaps? If it's so great then you would have no need to defend it. Ah well have fun playing your grade B game!

FCOLitsjustagame4567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

And yet, ironically, here you are in a Forza thread defending GT.
WTH is it possible to have any thread where everyone talks about the news article and the game itself without everyone going off topic about their own favorite game?

nobizlikesnowbiz4567d ago

Yea I'll have fun placing my supposedly sub-par game. Maybe you can have fun staring at your worthless console. You playing any decent games? I don't think so. Maybe you can have some fun watching protein fold.

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The story is too old to be commented.