The Saboteur - Eurogamer Portugal review

Eurogamer Portugal said, "The Saboteur is the last hope of Pandemic Studios, may not be a great game, but the game have good ideas, plus an addictive gameplay."

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Lucreto3294d ago

Another 8.

I am watching this game and I might get it after Christmas if it continues getting eights.

table3294d ago

8/10 and an overall positive review is good enough for me because I know I'll like this sort of game. Sad how an 8/10 these days might turn some people off a game they could really enjoy.

diefor3294d ago

8 is a good game, and for people that like this kind of game, probably is a great game.

Dead_Cell3294d ago

I wouldn't write this game off just yet,or not at all infact as it looks brilliant.