Bioware On The MMO Competition

Bioware's creative director James Ohlen has told IncGamers how the development team has kept a close eye on the competition throughout The Old Republic's development. Find out which games Bioware's been watching.

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Maticus3294d ago

Lol, I can take a wild guess :P

Fyzzu3294d ago

All true, though not surprising. Knowing what the competition is up to is an important part of working in any genre, particularly one as fast-moving as MMORPGs.

Dorjan3294d ago

Yeah, WAR WoW Aion are the three to watch atm I guess.

AndyA3294d ago

Good to see aion getting namechecked, NCSoft has done a bang-up job with it.

Fyzzu3294d ago

True, but Old Republic's looking awfully good...

Perjoss3294d ago

after watching the Blade and Soul trailer it became clear to me that they have some serious talent at NCsoft now, in the art department anyway.

Malfurion3294d ago

Yup, NCsoft know their stuff. I reckon more games should look like Aion and BS.

Leord3294d ago

So basically, they are checking out everyone else? :)

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