EA Chief: Bad Company 2 'worthy competitor' to Modern Warfare

CC: EA boss John Riccitiello has stated that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a 'worthy competitor' to Activision and Infinity Wards Modern Warfare games.

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mj2463244d ago

i do love the beta so far. i just hope they sort out sprinting, its so bloody cluncky!

dpdvxkpizbnwg3244d ago

I really don't think it'll come anywhere near as outstanding as Modern Warfare 2.

There's a beta out, so it's not going to surprise people when its released as they would have already played on it.

Bad move EA :(

Microsoft Xbox 3603244d ago

I just got done playing the beta for 5 hours. It's damn good. I've played more on this beta than I did with MW2. Makes me regret paying 60 bucks for MW2.

deadreckoning6663244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Right now everyone I know that has the beta likes it better than MW2. Keep in mind, weve only played a BETA of ONE mode of the COMPETITIVE MULTIPLAYER aspect. The full package will be EPIC!

evrfighter3244d ago

at first I couldn't bring myself to play the beta on the ps3 because the jaggies are horrible.

But as each day passes I find myself coming back to the beta more and more. This is just one map mind you...Full game on the pc is going to be beautiful

Hellsvacancy3244d ago

I shall b buyin BC2 over MW2, MW2 was a rental 4-me 4 3-days

joydestroy3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

from all the comments comparing it to MW2 in here...i'm really looking forward to BFBC2! gonna add this one to my most anticipated list def

edit: it was already on my most anticipated list ^_^

CyberCam3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

I can't believe how much I've played this one multiplayer map/mode and I'm still having a ton of fun! The teamwork is incredible and you don't ever hear any annoying kids screaming obscenities in your ear at all, just tactical chat with your squad mates.

I too rented MW2 (for a week & don't missed it a bit) and like my comment on my psn friends lists states "BFBC2 owns MW2 IMO". I've had many of my friends on my list ask me why I think so and I had to tell them the truth. It's just plays better and more tactical (I'll be missing this game when the beta is over).

The biggest difference is the "FUN" aspect of the game, BFBC2 is a lot of fun, while MW2 is just frustrating as hell. Another key aspect of my reasoning is also because there's a lot less "WTF" moments (but I shot him first?) in BFBC2 that leave you cussing & pissed off.

Funny thing is that when MW2 came out 90% of the gamers on my friends list were playing it... now that's down to about 10% now. I see people playing different games all over the place now... go figure?

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

I have the Bad Company 2 beta and it is pretty much just more of the same (graphics and gameplay are very similar to the first game).

If you liked the first one, you will probably like the second one.

If you didn't care for the first one, it looks like you will probably feel the same way about this one.

And lastly, if you are bitter about Modern Warfare 2's incredible success, then you will spend all of your time on N4G trying to convince everyone that Bad Company 2 is the best game to ever grace a console. lol

CyberCam3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

So bubbles, you're saying that BFBC2 has the same grainy graphics that BFBC had? And, the same jerky movement and bad animations as well? Personally I think you must have downloaded & been playing the beta for the first game because I see a huge difference.

Just to note I absolutely hated the first BFBC but I love BFBC2... so I don't fall under your category of "like the first... will like this one".

Yes, you can say I'm a bit bitter with the success of MW2... they made all that $$$ but they couldn't put up a few dedicated servers (both console & PC) for their large fanbase to experience better gameplay?

It's a good game but there are other games that deserves the praise that MW2 gets. Lets be honest here, it's sold very well because of HYPE and advertising. Do you think it would have sold as well if they released a beta/demo for it before release?

Borderlands for instance is a very underrated game, IMO I think it should have sold better than it did.

BTW I didn't disagree with you... I actually like having debates with you... cheers!

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

I know this will be hard for many of you guys to believe, but millions of people love the Call of Duty series of games, and contrary to popular opinion, don't simply purchase the games because of "hype".

This idea that only a few people on N4G have figured out that Modern Warfare 2 sucks, and that everyone else is just falling for the "hype" is beyond ridiculous.

*ok, cool CyberCam. :)

CyberCam3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

2 million + pre-orders before anyone touched the game? That's almost half of their 4.7 million first day sales! Also, there were no reviews allowed to be release until the day it released.

So again I say that's not hype?

1st Edit:
I've read on several forums (not just N4G) that there is a small percentage of gamers that regret purchasing the game.

2nd Edit:
Point taken... but it seems that IW are lowering the standards for the COD franchise. I've heard many state that it's not as good as the first MW.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

I acknowledge the hype, I'm simply saying that it is silly to suggest that the game was only purchased because of the hype.

Call of Duty games are awesome, so people buy them. :)

(Bubbles_Kitty_Cat has gone to eat lunch... :D)

rextyrann3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

agree with 1, love the beta too. its REALLY ADDICTIVE. everyone who owns a ps3 should definetly give it a shot and for those who dont: there will be beta for pc in january. not sure about xbox but im pretty sure theyll run a beta there too. i guess its kinda testrun for their servers...

ok now to why pple should try it out. i for myself am not a huge fps fan. in fact i kinda dislike fps since they tend to bore me most of the time after few hours of gameplay. the last fps which actually could get me to play on a regular base was CS and CSS (mind you i do care for fair competitive fps multiplayer). ok now the reasons:

1. the sound. its AMAZING. did you watch black hawk down? thats how the sound is kinda like in the beta. it really is how you imagine a warzone does sound like. distant firefights. tanks shooting. rockets flying etc... the sound of your equipment and even your breath adds to that experience!

2. the engine: WTF!!!! you can destroy almost every object (there are only a few "main" buildings and stones in the beta which u actually cant destroy. let me give you a few examples:
you are sniping and wth there are buildings/trees in the way. you can
a) shoot the trees and cut them down so u get vision or
b) call an airstrike to take the building down. when i first reconed that my face went O_o *giggle*
everyone in the beta has probably experienced that too: youre running from a tank or some infantry and hide in a building trying to camp out til reinforcements arrive. while your hanging in the dark suddenly BOOM and its gotten light. you turn around and the freakin wall is gone. WTF!!!! big aha moment too ^^

3.teamplay. yes you actually need to work together

4. vehicles. man i cant wait for the helis and watervehicles in the full version

5. realism: yeah they actually have bullet drop. sick isnt it? you actually have to bow to physics for once in a video game.

i recommended the beta to 2 of my friends who are NOT fps gamers usually and they both got totally hooked on bfbc2. to the extend that they are going to buy the game for sure. and you still have to consider: its just 1 freaking multiplayer map and only 1 mode!!!

imo there is hope that finally there will be a FPS which will take the genre to the next step. you like teamwork? you consider having skill and a competitive multiplayer is a must? you care more for a bit realism compared to deathmatch arcade shoot and kill for stats? then i guess bad company 2 is worth a look for ya...

if you even remotely think that its intresting what ive written so far: go get a beta key and try it out. if you dont its your own fault for missing that experience!

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3243d ago

You are right about the sound.

That is one area where I think the Bad Company series reigns supreme.

Infinity Ward, get to work on that! lol

CyberCam3243d ago

Actually Bubbles rextyrann is spot on with the rest of his post as well.

Consoldtobots3243d ago

"The biggest difference is the "FUN" aspect of the game, BFBC2 is a lot of fun, while MW2 is just frustrating as hell. Another key aspect of my reasoning is also because there's a lot less "WTF" moments (but I shot him first?) in BFBC2 that leave you cussing & pissed off."

dude, you have NO IDEA how many times I have had this WTF moment, Im almost convinced the game connects to a server that rolls virtual dice and determines who gets the kill. Almost like bullet physics are non existent.

vhero3243d ago

I loved the beta and played it online more than the full version of modern warfare. In fact I traded my copy of MW2 shortly after playing the beta as I knew once its released MW2 won't get played and the value will be worthless anyways. I mean true teamwork (rather than 1 guy trying to get the most kills) and bullet physics makes this truly a next gen shooter. Your bullets actually start to drop in mid air over distance so you gotta account for that over distances. Other shooters need to take notes.

Matthew943243d ago

Betas are not bad moves idiot. They make sure games are released with minimal problems and bugs unlike MW2... Good move EA :)

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Nitrowolf23244d ago

playing beta and it def needs work on, but it is so fun

UltimateSin3244d ago

It really is a worth competitor. The Beta does need some work, I sometimes found myself stuck in terrain or unable to go up terrain that looked walkable. Other than that, it's really well done.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3244d ago

After playing the beta I just don't see how this game is any competition to MW2... Seriously, the 60fps of MW2 helps the game a lot. It not only makes the games look more realistic and immersive but it makes the gameplay very accurate. Thing that killed Killzone 2 for me and probably will do the same for the third, laggy gameplay.

Gameplay > Graphics.

Noctis Aftermath3244d ago

60fps is only really needed for PC FPS as the controls are hella twitchy(not saying it's a bad thing) but with the console versions 60fps is barely any different to 30fps.

Sevir043243d ago

when was tis ever a talk about graphics...? in anycase i disagree with you. MW is a super fast senseless run and gun shooter that's basically about who can pull the trigger first, for get aiming for head shots and skill. the 2 of you lock eyes and you commense the shoot out and who ever lands the first bullet wins. no skill you simply aim at the feet and pow you are dead. this kind of gameplay is made for those who simply hate to think. the game is for twitchy fingered trigger happy gamers. when games that come along and actually slow the pace of shooting so it doesn't become chaotic the gamers cry and whine because it isn't fast. B:BC2 and KZ2 are perfect examples of perfected shooter, it's tactical, and smooth and it pacing is perfect.. every shoot out is purely on skill and the victor is really rewarded for winning. it's a damn shame the fanboy give both these games hell for being different and requiring skil verse who pulled the triger first.

and it's for this reason why Bad Company is a worthy contender, and to me a better shooter.. my only complaint is that the maps are far to big, so you are always running a good distance to join the action, but i guess thats what the vehicles are for and spawning of your teammates position. you really shoot loosen up. COD4 and MW2 arent really shooters. they are arcade shooters that require no skill.

bigrudowsky3243d ago

My biggest problem with it is just that it appears to have no aa i dont know if the xbox version will look the same but if it does ill just pick it up for pc.

Ju3243d ago

"that the maps are far to big"

Not necessarily for vehicles. But they should simple add more re-spawn points so you can re-spawn closer to objectives - but leave the vehicles in the home base.

kikicub3243d ago

You can spawn on your squad mates, no need for extra spawn points. I think the size of the maps is just perfect.

I'm not going to say which game is better, my opinion shouldn't matter to anyone else. People should try it out and see if *they* like it, not what others think about it.

MW2 is not for everyone. KZ2 is not for everyone. NO particular game is good for everyone.

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crackerjack73733244d ago

Wish that the beta didn't require a pre order, although I may preorder just to get the beta, and if i dont like it then ill just cancel the order.

TooTall193243d ago

This beta doesn't require a preorder lol

Motion3243d ago

just browse various gaming sites and it shouldn't be too hard to get a key

Noctis Aftermath3243d ago

i got 2 beta codes from fileplanet, dunno if they still have any though.

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