Namco Bandai Continue to Support PlayStation 2

While most publishers have long abandoned the PlayStation 2, with only sure-fire hits such as the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises regularly being made available as brand new releases for the system, it's refreshing to see another big name that's not yet done with the system. Namco Bandai Games Europe has finally brought the latest Naruto videogame release exclusively on PlayStation 2.

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Deyesoto3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

This is official for myself that Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 5 will not be released in America because it says in Wikipedia. "This is the first Ultimate Ninja Series not be released in the United States. And this guy (ROAKKE) found this information 9 days ago in Wikipedia. All of this was before Namco Bandai announced that Ultimate Ninja 5 will not be released in United States because of some franchise issues might be shipping the games and the English language support for this game to my thoughts. So (ROAKKE) made a mistake abotu this and should give us question why it was supposed to be release in DECEMBER 15 2009 AND THAT IT DID NOT HAPPEN TO BE RELEASED AT ALL?!