Critical Gamer: Assassin's Creed II PS3 Review

Critical Gamer Writes: Assassin's Creed was, to be honest (which a lot of magazines and sites didn't seem to be), an overhyped disappointment. Nonetheless it sold by the bucketload, and spawned this sequel – which is thankfully much, much better.

Gone is the one dimensional Altair in the Holy Land during the Crusades. Your avatar here is the charismatic young Ezio Auditore in renaissance Italy, a well fleshed out character who always has a clear personal reason for wanting to kill each of his targets. The present day (well, future) sections where you take control of the decidedly uncharismatic Desmond Miles are still present; and while they're not nearly as frequent or as boring as they were in the first game, the series would still benefit from their removal.

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