Hands-On: Medal of Honor: Airborn

From the Preview: "To most Xbox 360 gamers, Medal of Honor: Airborne doesn't seem to be on a lot of people's radar. Heck, it wasn't on my radar at all until I jumped out a C-47 airplane in the cover of darkness, wind blazing, straight into a combat zone. Indeed, war changes everything. In fact, I have yet to actually sit down and play a Medal of Honor game on any platform. So when Electronic Arts asked Xbox365 to visit their offices in Los Angeles, well you can imagine what we were expecting. The de facto shooter on the Xbox as far as World War FPS'ing is concerned belongs to Call of Duty. So initially it felt as if Electronic Arts just wanted to get their foot in the door and say "hey we have a World War shooter as well." Then maybe develop on it a bit more. Oh hell no, what EA showed us at their EALA camp tells us that they are dead series about bringing a quality (holy sh*t, EA and quality in the same sentence) World War shooter to the Xbox 360. And we don't mean just rival Call of Duty or any other WWII type shooters, we mean blow past them and establish themselves as the pimps."

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Darkaber4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

EA Please note.... We dont want to keep having to play WW2 games we are sick to the teeth of them now.

Not evan going to bother to rent this, Roll on COD4!!!

nobizlikesnowbiz4739d ago

Yea the WW2 FPS genre is getting very stale. Unless they come back with a new angle or something innovative, I won't be buying or renting another WW2 FPS.

COD4 makes me drool. It looks more amazing than anything I've seen on either console yet.

omansteveo4739d ago

Yeah i agree with you guys and it seems like it may be a little to late for EA to introduce innovation into a WW2 shooter, i really dont think that people are going to care at this point sine the franchise has lost all credibility...i mean the last descent one they put out was Frontline and even then i thought allied assault on PC was better

ben hates you4739d ago

medal of honor just doesn't seem worth my time, Brothers in arms realistic, with beautiful graphics, BIA is like Forza realistic

lil bush4739d ago

well im waiting for brothers in arms............

Daz4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

IM looking forward to this game and brothers in arms......

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