PSP-Go "will die" without software price cuts

Sony's handheld 'for the digital lifestyle' will die out if its downloadable software keeps to UMD prices, according to Traveller's Tales director Jon Burton.

"I'm betting on Sony making PSPgo games much cheaper than the UMD versions, or the PSPgo will die," he said.

"I own a PSPgo but don't want to buy LittleBigPlanet, for instance, as I can get it 20 per cent cheaper on UMD from Amazon and could resell it once I'm finished with it. But if I download it, I get no discount, and no chance to resell – how annoying is that?"

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Dorfdad3240d ago

I hear you, I agree but it wont happen. Developers feel that there games are worth 49.99 now and worth 49.99 in 3 years..

E-distribution allows them to keep the prices up there without worrying about piracy as much.

The reason games drop in stores is simply because of spacing issues. EB Gets 100 copies of Red Alert 3 and they don't have store space for it so they try to move them cheaper. With E-Distribution you don't have that worry.

Developers WANT all the money all the time, they do not care about us.

ABizzel13240d ago

The PSP Go does need a prie cut, but it's not going to die. The PSP sold 50 million units. That's more than any other handheld has every done in competition with Nintendo. But here's what the PSP needs to be more successful next time around.

$199 starting price.
2nd analog nub

Games for on the go- Superstar Dust HD, Pixel Junk, etc... are good games for the PSP and should be $10 Downloadable titles. I think the PSP should also gain sixaxis type controls so we can play games like Warhawk and Flower. As a matter of fact all the downloadable games on PSN should be available for the next PSP, meaning you should be able to download a PS3 copy and a PSP 2 copy with one purchase.

PSP Mini's are great, because you basically get the best of the iPhone games on PSP. But for some stupid reason they cost more on the PSP than the iPhone. Mini's should never be over $5 to download. EVER.

Retail games need to be priced at $30 maximum. When you have PSP games coming out that are also available on consoles why would you spend $40 on the PSP version when you can get the superior console version for $20 more. $30 is a good price to make you ponder about getting the PSP version especially if the PSP version gives you bonuses for the PS3 version as well. But more importantly they need system sellers. The PSP has good games, but nothing that sells systems. They need their Pokemon, Mario (LBP could have done it, but no multiplayer = no dice), along with their hardcore stuff like God of War etc...

Noctis Aftermath3240d ago

Gone will be the days of buying a 2 year old game for $15, with digital distribution comes a monopoly on game sales, since sony,microsoft and nintendo will all be selling their own games for their own systems you will only be able to purchase the games from them and since you can only buy it from them they will charge whatever they want, price drops will be few and far between.

Digital distribution will be a double edged sword and quite a sharp one.

STK0263240d ago

The PSPGo will die, not because of the lack of software price cut, but rather because of shoddy work from Sony's quality control. Buy the PSN version of either GTA : Stories, tell me if it's playable. I dare you.

I have both, on UMD and the PSN version (aswell as an ISO), both the ISO and UMD versions run bette on my PSP-2000 than the PSN version on either my Go or my 2000. In other words, the PSN version sucks. And I'm not the only one having this issue.

ThanatosDMC3240d ago

They should make the digital version cheaper than retail at least.

colonel1793240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

and maybe is a bad theory...

I think that what Sony is trying to "prove" with the PSP go is that digital downloads are not a good option; after all, they are a HARDWARE company, and I would assume they would prefer to sell games on discs or some other type, than having people downloading them.

However, this could be a double-edge sword for them, because they are not doing this digital download thing right. They are not forcing publishers to put the games on the PSN, and they are selling the games at the same price as retail; so if, Nintendo, for example, launches a new handheld, 100% digital download and do things right, the PSP go will be a lost chance for Sony to lead the digital-download-games market, just like iTunes leads the music, and Netflix the movies

raztad3240d ago

I already made a comment about the ridiculous situation that arises from Digital Distribution prices on the PSN. Come on Sony, you need to make DD games cheaper than the umd counterpart. It doesnt make sense to pay more for less, it is time for passing those savings (avoiding the retail chain) to costumers.

I wouldnt say however that the Go is gonna die. Why people love to predict that every Sony product is meant to die? they did with the original psp, the ps3, the umd (this is hilariuos, because people is loving the umd those days).

The Go is not dying but it wont be a massive success if Sony doesnt make DD competitive.

Xephon083240d ago

So if they make the PSN version cheaper whats to stop the people from just downloading it and not buying UMD's? rather then make the game cheaper on PSN.

The biggest hurdle the Go faces isn't software or tech its stores, as the shift to DD represents a threat to stores like GS and Walmart (at least for walmarts game department) This is whats keeping DD on shelves because companies like Sony can't step on their toes.

There are other things that could happen, say if you don't want a game you get a credit (you can selct the option it gets removed from your account and psp and you get a certain amount of psn cash to buy another game.

Or allowing renting of games so you con't shell out the full price but still get to play the game.

There is more legal and business things to work out rather then technical.

sikbeta3240d ago

The REAL 2 problems about the PSP Go are:

1· The Price of the handheld

2· The Price of the Games, I mean why you going to pay the same price for a digital copy if for the same price you can get the UMD

If the PSP Go stay a this Price, at least cut the price of the Digital games

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ultimolu3240d ago


...-__- You cannot be serious.

starvinbull3240d ago

£30 for a downloaded portable game is quite frankly shambolic from a value point of view.

Most PS3 and 360 games don't deserve a £30 price tag.

The limit should be £15 the average price should be £8 and the minimum ought to be camparable to most of the minis.

Even the minis have some strange pricing decisions like Tetris which is price at nearly £5.

I'm all for devs getting a fair deal but only when it's deserved and in proportion to the product.

Media Molecule are onto a nice little earner with LittleBigPlanet but only because they invested blood, sweat and tears into the product.

What is LittleBigPlanet on Amazon? £16.

Are Media Molecule making their money back? yes they are making a killing off the DLC.

Is anyone losing out by the price being £16?

Dead_Cell3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Everytime something that could be seen as negative towards the PS3 gets posted you throw a strop whilst stamping your feet screaming "OMG THIS IS SO BIYASED".
They're right,if the PsP GO doesn't have a related price cut it -will- die,wether this is SONY testing the waters of a digital distribution future or not It's true that it hasn't taken off no where near as well as Sony most likely hoped.

starvinbull3240d ago

I assume you are talking to ultimolo?

ultimolu3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

The PSPGo is still relatively new. I don't see the reason why people should jump on the fail wagon already. All it needs is a decent pricecut.

That's my f*cking opinion. You don't like it? Fine, but don't tell me to shut up.

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sajj3163240d ago

I agree to an extent. Download prices should be cheaper than physical media. Take into consider that it is not Sony who dicatates retail price .. .but retailers. Sony dictates price on PSN. Even Amazon will sell the download of LBP as well as the UMD. How do you price those? I think in the end, it will be best for consumers that direct downloads compete against retail prices .. not good for retailers. The only logistic is how to resell digital content (if at all possible)? If Amazon can find a way .. alot of money in this.

Vortex3D3240d ago

With all the buzz about how great digital download games, finally someone is awake to say, "as I can get it 20 per cent cheaper on UMD from Amazon and could resell it once I'm finished with it. But if I download it, I get no discount, and no chance to resell"

For those who are willing to pay top dollar and no resell value in their games, digital download version is great for them without having to deal with the disc or go to the local or online store to buy them.

For the rest who cares about getting discount and have resell value, digital download is the most expensive way to play games.

It is the matter of which group of gamers that are the majority of the buyers.

Grandreaper99993240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Many people don't realize that while the two types of PSP's exist, they are there to serve different purposes while still being able to play games. If you look at the DS, and DS Lite, nothing much was changed, they are not like what Sony did with the PSP with their redesign. This is more of a distribution change.

If people purchase games from XBLA or PSN, those people should not complain, as you never see physical media, and you are not guaranteed a refund if you're not satisfied. Enough people sided with digital distribution and the convenience of it to the point where companies basically got the "Ok!" to progress with these business models and distribution methods.

For those who didn't, that's why there is always the original PSP.

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