WorthPlaying: TouchMaster 3 Review

WorthPlaying writes: "TouchMaster is an arcade game that shares its success under different names and in different places. The diminutive machine shows up in bars, clubs, arcades and fast food restaurants, and it requires nothing more than your finger on a touch-screen to control everything. With the release of the Nintendo DS, it was only a matter of time before Midway brought its mini-game compilation hit to the handheld with TouchMaster 2 to achieve the same success. TouchMaster 2 mixed in some games from the original title with new ones from the various arcade versions. It, too, was a success, but the franchise's future was put into jeopardy when Midway was in financial hot water. Luckily for fans, WB Games bought both the Midway name and the rights to the series to release TouchMaster 3, a game that feels almost as good as the original."

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