FFXIII: Signs of the huge advertising push in Japan + new images

Some Neogaf posters have found many images on various Japanese websites showing how much the game is being pushed in each store.

Also included are some new images for the hotly anticipated RPG.

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sakura20093336d ago

final fantasy xiii dont need advertisement in japan

villiers3336d ago

Two more screens:

Loving the crazy art style, the colors and effects are fantastic.

Oerba_Fang3336d ago

Looks amazing!

I hope the game helps sell 100k PS3's!

Then it might beat the Wii in Japan.

sakura20093336d ago

thanks for the new screens looks fantastic

ia_studio3335d ago

expecting inhuman ps3 sales dec 17, just 14 days!

whoelse3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

This will sell like crazy.

In Japan PS3 will beat the Wii in sales this December 100%.*

*Unless Nintendo sell the Wii for 1 yen of course.

sikbeta3335d ago

This game will sell amazingly from Dec 17, is going to be a Real Madness by that time ....

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Noct3336d ago

This game will bring the killing blow to the 360 in Japan.

After it releases all Japanese devs cannot afford to make flop 'exclusives' for the 360.

From here on out every major Japanese game will be on the PS3.

King Hippo3335d ago

How can a game like this give the killing blow to the 360 in Japan? The 360 is already dead in Japan it would be more like stabbing a sword into a dead body.

Delta3336d ago

Damn, talk about advertisement. Its everywhere.