Busting rumors: Sony's PS3 price drop and Square's 360 Final Fantasy plans

Ben Kuchera of writes:

"There are two stories-and they're really more like translated rumors-that I've been seeing on every forum I visit this morning. I'd like to take a look at where these stories came from and point out that people are taking much more out of the quotes than they (rationally) should. The headlines and talking points are easy, but let's take a step back and look at the actual facts here."

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BIadestarX4789d ago

NOOOOOOO! Not another XBox 360 Final Fantasy rumor! I would love the game to the 360 (as everyone already know)... but rumors like this have never ending flamewars... anyways.. I'll aprove this story... hehe.

Thugbot1874789d ago

I don’t think this story was to keep the rumor going but only to state the obvious. That the words used to say the Xbox360 isn’t getting FF were so ambiguous that you can only take what was said with a grain of salt. Too sum it all up, basically if FF can improve sales of the PS3 and they can make money they see no need to put FF on the Xbox360. On the other hand if FF can help by moving enough PS3 to generate a profit the company they will developed for the Xbox360. Just simple business not necessarily a rumor.

PS360WII4789d ago

Dang and here I thought it would take a week before the rumor was brought back... it only took 1 day (shakes head)

ngg123454789d ago

There are none here? I am confused.

conjurdevil4789d ago

those ppl who toked abt FF r not AMERICANS dey dont say NO directly to anything!! they look spin it a lil, take kojima he explained about the whole ps3 theatre and all .THEY DONT SAY NO DIRECTLY so dont make assumptions.

Firewire4789d ago

The FF crap is just hype made up by xbots.
See they can't stand it, they were b*tch slapped yesterday, and now they want to spread more rumors...really pathetic!
How many times did Kojima say no MGS4 on the 360, but the little bots won't stop. Now SE says no FF for the 360, but again the little bots won't stop, what a bunch of whinny little loosers you xbots are.

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The story is too old to be commented.