Sort Of Announcing Dragon Quest IX: Sentinel of the Starry Skies

Square Enix and Nintendo dropped hints that Dragon Quest IX would be released internationally, not that we've ever doubted that sort of thing. Now we have another promising sign, a localized subtitle.

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SpoonyRedMage3241d ago

Yaya but when are they goign to release it? it needs it's own time to get the sales it deserves which mean we may get a year or more later than Japan.:(

Lucreto3241d ago

I say it will be June/ July next year if not later. SE said they will not release it this fiscal year which ends in April.

SpoonyRedMage3241d ago

Yer, I hope so, it'd be pointless to release it near FFXIII anyway as it would be really overlooked in the west(wheras DQ would Pac Man FF in Japan).

There's plenty of other games they need to sort out for western release as well like Cross Treasures, SaGa 2, FF Gaidne and Blood of Bahamut(even though it was Pac Manned by DQIX in Japan).

Redempteur3241d ago

i don't mind that they take their time as long as they don't release it early 2010