New Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Screenshots

After officially announcing the release date of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker in the land of the rising sun, new screenshots have emerged showing more juicy scenes taken from the game.

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sinncross3246d ago

The demo was really fun. Its looking good so cant wait for the English release.

ABizzel13245d ago

They're killing the PSP. This game looks amazing for a PSP game. Maybe this should have been the team working on Rising.

kaveti66163246d ago

I'm scratching my head about this. This game, on a PSP, looks almost 1/3 as good as MGS4, at least from the screens. The PS3 should be like 100 times more powerful than a PSP. Kojima should make another MGS exclusively for the PS3 and use as much power as he can.

sashimi3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

my friend is gonna go love this and steal for psp for awhile once this is out, i on the other hand still need to catch on the mgs universe(damn term papers and final getting in the way) :)

jc485733245d ago

how this game is going to turn out. will it really look that great on the psp? i be damned if it does.

Shmithy1013245d ago

Can anyone tell me if that 'ring' around Big Boss' body is used for detecting the enemy around you, as it was in MGS4? I only ask because it doesn't appear to be used for that purpose in the screenshot, but what else could it be for?

sinncross3245d ago

Similar concept... detects threats and also used when in vicinity with another player.. basically telling you you can do co-op commands .