What Will The Next Star Wars Game Be?

We all heard that the next Star Wars game will be unveiled on December.12th at the Spike Video Game Awards and if you look back at the Star Wars brand in games you see that they have a huge list of games that could possibly see a sequel on the next gen consoles. Since the anticipation for the announcement is very high I decided to make a list of Star Wars games that could potentially be announced on December.12th during the VGA's.

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steve30x3294d ago

I hope its one where you can pilot the TA AT and AT ST without the stupid and awkward camera angles.

Government Cheese3294d ago

However being a SW nerd I did find out this a few months ago, its a game called Star Wars Legends that was trademarked back in 2008 then rated by the OFLC a few months ago, classified as a video game but it has yet to be announced.


OFLC rating:

Relientk773294d ago

I would like Jedi Power Battles 2