Michael Jackson Confirmed As Sonic 3 Composer

Unhappy with the sound quality output of the Genesis, MJ apparently declined to be credited for his work on Sonic 3, but according to Brad Buxer, the composer whose name appears in the game's credits in an interview with French magazine Black & White, he did indeed collaborate with him on the soundtrack, and used some of the music from the game as a foundation for music he wrote later in his career.

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Demon55003241d ago

It has only just been confirmed? it has only been a myth, in till now?

kwyjibo3241d ago

I had just logged in to post that NowGamer piece, based on a 2007 GamesTM article.

I don't buy this new piece.

IdleLeeSiuLung3241d ago

Might be an old myth, but I never heard of it until today.

I will miss you Michael! RIP!

Andronix3241d ago

I read this rumour some time ago on a website that put forward a lot of musical evidence and genuinely seemed to believe it. I don't know if this is proper confirmation yet, but if and when it does come then it is pretty amazing 'secret' story of video games.

Shadow Flare3241d ago

wow! I never knew that! That is just awesome. Sonic 3 was my favourite mega drive game and i love the music. I have the music on my walkman. But thats incredible thats its 100% confirmed Michael Jackson wrote the music lol. I honestly thought the headline was some sort of joke but its awesome. And thats simply the best article pic

Marceles3241d ago

The Sonic 3 ending/Stranger In Moscow REALLY had me convinced. Either he worked on the soundtrack or someone needs to be sued lol

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Cobex3241d ago

I did not even realize it was a myth. I just thought i was one of those things that you ether knew or did not know.

SuperStrokey11233241d ago

lol I was going to say the same thing.

dredgewalker3241d ago

I tought he was Sonic's father.....

pixelsword3241d ago

...the kid is not his son.

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The story is too old to be commented.