Ratchet and Clank Gets Patched, Fixes Several Game Bugs

Insomniac promised a patch to fix several glitches in Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time and they have delivered on that promise.

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Kluv3244d ago

this is one of my favorite games ever.

mastiffchild3244d ago

When's this go live in the EU? I've not been abl to finish my propersaved game because of a glitch in Challenge mode which is all that's keeping me from the plat trophy atm! I just can't get past a certain cutscene even though I've got 100% everywhere else on the game-I just need to finish a damn challende mode playthrough and can't. Every skillpoint, every gold bolt and I just can't finish challenge mode because of this damn glitch so I'm uber interested to find out if the patch can save me.

Experienced abosolutely nothing on te game itsel;f, mind, which is amazing and possibly their best and most inventive ever(don't see why people think its just more of the same when this time the changed a LOT of things around-but there you go)-looking forward to testing this one out.