May Vgcharts vs. May NPD Sales Expectations

As many of you know, last month, Vgcharts was very close on it's data for the vast majority of hardware and software when compared to the combined USA and Canada NPD. Ioi has just put up data for the week ending June 3, 2007 for the Americas, so it is now possible tosee where Vgcharts stands in anticipating NPD's data over the time period.

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predator4740d ago

wow, wii still selling like hot cakes, 360 doing really good, beating the ps2 for the first time, what the hell is going on with ps3

closedxxx4740d ago

I'm sure this data is highly inaccurate. I will wait to hear what the SPG (Sony Protection Group) has to say about this slanderous news. I'm sure they will have hard facts to disprove these recent hardware figures.
I"m sure Cliff Blizinsky's terrible relationship with Microsoft has something to do with the PS3s poor sales figures..... somehow
*the above comment should be spoken with extreme sarcasm*

Antan4740d ago

Blimey! That price cut in the states coupled with some new games are needed rather quickly.

Odion4740d ago

ya i was really surprised how much the 360 jumped and the fact that PS3 didn't move up i was expecting them to be back in the 100 000

BrotherSic4740d ago

agree with you on the 360 but not the PS3. Nothing has been released so why would sales go up? 50k - 60k seems likely and unless something is released in June, I would expect PS3 to be even lower.

fjtorres4740d ago

Remember, last week there was a report that the 360 Elite by itself was outselling the PS3 at Amazon.
So there have been hints that adding Elite was a plus for 360 sales.
In fact, the amazon numbers had all three 360 SKUs individually out-selling PS3. So *if* (big if) these estimates prove true they shouldn't a total shock.
The trends have been there all spring.

BrotherSic4740d ago

Just remember these are estimates but I am glad to see VGchartz are improving their predictions and figures.

Wish we had better information about Europe. Its a shame that we dont have a company producing EU hardware figures.

I would be surprised if 360 numbers are as high as they predicted. There was very little released in May and Forza only came out at the very end of the month.

Odion4740d ago

thats a very fair statement but its possible that people wanting to get Forza or uggg Shadowrun got their systems before the games came out

BIadestarX4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Why would they do that? It reminds me of a certain type of fans.. that buys the games even without any good games to play with the hope they will get good games in the future. So you probably right.

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The story is too old to be commented.