"Rumors" Clean-Up: Mark Rein on Gears Coming to PS3 writes: "Some interesting internet happenings last week provided a perfect example of how rumors spiral out of control. If you've never heard of the Sony Protection Group, you're not missing much. In their own words, the group and website were founded as "a movement against Wii60 and a movement towards the Playstation 3" that can serve as "Sony's defense" against a perceived push of lies and rumors harming their beloved company."

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KoolMan4566d ago

watchin south park... funny as heck

Lex Luthor4566d ago

This is why you shouldn't post articles from that POS site.

achira4566d ago

wow, why complain, why dont you complain about fud coming for xbots ?

power of Green 4566d ago

Just the way i pictured Sony fanatics(pic on top of page)Just kidding or am I.

achira" you not helping your fellow Sony fans image using loser terms like Xbot!, lol sad and pathetic.

closedxxx4566d ago

That could explain his one, lonely bubble

Firewire4566d ago

Hey power, or should I say xbot! What about that FF news yesterday? You were running your big mouth "guranteed FFXIII & MGS4 are coming to the 360" Funny I didn't see you in that thread yesterday.
Your a little whinny xbot that makes up lies and spins a web of crap! You don't even have the balls to live up to the fact you were wrong.
Not talking crap now are u!

Sony, Konami & Square Enix just b*tch slapped you! Punk!

SmokeyMcBear4566d ago

firewire, leave green with envy alone, he is still traumatized by his abused childhood, he knows not what he says.

closedxxx4566d ago (Edited 4566d ago )

Speculation is fine, everyone does it.
But, when you start to fabricate situations involving key personnell (in this case Cliff Blizinsky) you lose all credibility and are at that point, a liar.
Good on Epic for stepping up and dispelling this one immediately.
This just goes to show how important it is to check your sources before posting a story as "news".
Didn't the news stations get the same slap on the hand when they prematurely called the last presedential election?
Everyone wants to be the first out of the gate with a "HOT" story, but you run the risk of looking foolish if you don't verify that the details are accurate.

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The story is too old to be commented.