Demon's Souls is Not the Most Boring Game of the Year

Deep down inside, I know Demon's Souls is 2009's Game of the Year. Other titles - Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2, and the like - look better on paper, and they have that high=grade production polish that makes a game seem less gamey. Demon's Souls is different. It's a living, breathing game that punishes often, rewards rarely and always beckons.

It's also the saddest game I've ever played.

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THE MAX SPEED 213294d ago

"Demon's Souls is Not the Most Boring Game of the Year"

Agrees with title.

There's wii shovelware!

WildArmed3294d ago

lol.. all i know nothing has beat DS for the GOTY imo.
A game that definitely brought back 'hardcore' gaming.

hay3294d ago

Demon's Souls boring? BS. I played it some time ago, and my buddies came by. While I was in the wilds searching for waypoint to Nexus we talked and they watched the game. After short time I returned to Nexus and asked what they want to play. Their reply was kinda surprising.

"Go ahead, play Demon's Souls and we'll watch. This game is awesome."

Sooo... I have few conclusions.
The one who played it sucked really bad and people got tired of his constant deaths.
All of them were shooter junkies without a bit of oldschool hardcore gamer in them not to appreciate this gem.

Some people may not like the game due to it's genre or difficulty, but hell, this is far from being boring. My friends were more hooked to it than Uncharted 2, and we know how good UC2 is.

By the power granted me by my opinion I hereby declare the original article written by Chris Dahlen as journalism, gamer and human being fail. Amen.

nix3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

- even while you are not playing you'll be planning your next step.

(i did that once, i planned while i wasn't playing it and then went right ahead and bought myself arrows with whatever souls had only to find out that none of those arrows works with the bow that i had. lol.)

- you will want to continue with the game even if you've died million times.

- if you die, IT'S YOUR FAULT! and you know it.

- you just have to play this game slowly and cautiously.

- and it's NOT for crybabies!!! that's for sure.

btw, i'm still trying to kill 2nd boss in World One and i've already clocked more than 8 hours. the second boss is 20 times taller than you, carries a big-azz shield and if that isn't enough the whole arena is filled with archers.

i'm trying to rank up and learn a magic or two now. i didn't know how to rank up at first. kept going pass "the monumental" even when there was a message next to it that said - "This is it!" lol.

i went to the other worlds but didn't survive long enough. darn this game is "challenging". AND I LOVE IT!!! q:

lordgodalming3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I have only the final boss to beat after 50+ hours, and I haven't been bored once. However, I agree with the bit about sadness. Taking down Maiden Astraea was one of the most depressing things I've done in a game.

phosphor1123294d ago

I have found myself playing DS's a lot more than U2. I'm on my second runt hrough and it's completely different than the first time through. Yes, the enemies are the same and are in the same spot, but the enemy scaling alone changes how you should approach situations. On 3-2 on the way up to the Man Eaters I used to be able to kill the Dark Phantom on the stairs on my way up. I'd run, stab it in the back and swing a few times. Now, I honestly had to stab him in the back, and while he was down, run for my life. Otherwise, he'd stun me and one hit kill me.

Myst3294d ago

I know what you mean Newgame+ is no laughing matter, in fact I started a new character after starting new game+ 1. To get all the white world tendency items (because on my first character everything was rather close to be completely white so it carried over to my second enabling me to get the items I wanted before. 2. I actually got frightened lol. Really NewGame+ I found out the hard way is nothing to sneeze at, this coming from the person who's fought all the monsters in monster hunter.

I shutter to think what NG++ would be like..

harrisk9543294d ago

"if you die, IT'S YOUR FAULT! and you know it."

I totally agree. The game is awesome and although you need to stay on your toes, there are times when it just lulls you into a false sense of safety. For instance in the Tower of Latria, I had died a bunch of times against those "guards"... then after I was feeling comfortable b/c I didn't see anymore, I walked right off the edge of the walkway that was broken... REALLY SUCKED! But, I immediately started the level over again and again and again and again ... It is really unforgiving and I can't get enough of this game!!

presto7173294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

but now I've been getting my ass kicked by maneater. and the skeletons in world four dont die in one hit any more. arrgh!!! game has gotten harder...

a lot harder.

rockleex3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Become one of those games that cost $200+ by the time the next consoles come out.

I should buy an extra copy to sell it later. ^_^

By the way, Suikoden II costs $200 now. In my opinion it was even better than FF7.


"Action games are rarely hopeless, either, because you’re usually playing as a superhero who’s expected to save the day. In Demon’s Souls, the opposite is true. You’re expected to fail and give up, and the horrible fog that’s turning the entire world into mindless husks will continue to expand. There’s even one supporting character who serves no purpose except to demoralize you. It’s powerful, and it works."


nix3294d ago

lol.. i guess i'll get to see your blood stain when i reach there. q:

raztad3293d ago


You are a wise guy.

Regarding Demons S. Game is incredible but slow paced. If you dont enjoy challenging/slow paced games better dont touch it.

I never play the same game more than 20 hours or even less, regardless how much fun I'm having. So I have a big backlog of games that I enjoy coming back to them when I feel the urge. However DS got me hooked for more than 35 hours, that was an achievement. I'll be back to it eventually but no hurries for me. DS can last me my whole life.

ThanatosDMC3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

The one thing i want for the game is for it to be even longer since i wanted more afterwards, more bosses, more sick places to visit, more exploration, more armor sets, more of everything. I want a sequel. I'll import it again if it takes forever to get to the US.

Btw, why go full white when you can go full black and fight a lot more screwed up enemies and not to mention collect all of those colorless demon souls to upgrade those unique weapons.

Anyway, for those that love this game. You might want to try Dragon Age: Origins. It's not the same but it's a good one to eat away hours of your life... just watch out for your crazy girlfriends who get ignored.

eagle213293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

I don't think MW2 should be mentioned in the same sentence as the awesome Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. I don't think the writer should use UC2 at the expense of another awesome PS3 exclusive. The AIAS will most likely award DS RPG of the year and might nominate it GOTY. But UC2 gets my vote for GOTY. Any game isn't "perfect" but UC2 sits with the few that are damn near close! :)

Highatus3293d ago

Demon's Souls is easily one of my top 5 favorite games of all time.

Prototype3293d ago

My only complaint with DS is the idea of people comming to kill you. I'd rather someone be able to do that AFTER you kill a boss to at least add some sort of challenge while your searching for something, not while your trying to kill a boss then all of the sudden "Phantom (name) invades." What I would do is leave some of the harder mobs alone just incase someone tried to invade they would have a nasty suprise.

But other than that I actually had to fight between DS or Uncharted 2 for play time; and at some moments I was asked if I left the game on overnight since I spent that much time in the game. I wish more games like this came out (by the way Boss 4-2 was by far the biggest b-tch in the entire game)

ThanatosDMC3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Black Phantoms do not get attacked by enemies. There's no point in leaving enemies for him/her. The Black Phantom could however kill them if he chooses to.

Also, there'd be no point in fighting a Black Phantom after you get to the boss or kill the boss since you could either leave or get through to the fog in which a Black Phantom cannot enter... except if the Black Phantom invader is the boss himself/herself.

4-2 the Old Hero? Either go range or close combat. Range is easy and you could hide behind the pillars. Close combat, just stay behind him and at least have One Revive miracle on for insurance. Just dont attack him when he's howling or whatever during your range attacks or close combat or he'll jump and lay the smack down on your character.

Also, use the Thief Ring if someone invades but do not use any other rings like the Regeneration ring since it'll make you have an aura and your Thief Ring will be useless or a miracle buff or spell buff for that matter.

Prototype3293d ago

I've seen black phantoms getting attacked by enemies all the time in 3-1 by the ones with the light and magic spells (not sure what their name is exactely but boy are they a b-tch); if they released a patch to not get attacked I'm not aware of it, I havent played since the end of Oct when I beat it.

As far as the 4-2 Boss I died on him at least 20+ times and thats using ranged attacks, I had to get a friend to help grab hate so I could range attack him then I got the kill.

ThanatosDMC3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Those medusa things? I hate them as black phantoms cuz they barely flinch for an opening especially when they paralyze you for a mouth to mouth kiss with their spear like tongues. You're lucky that you actually get help from enemies.

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Godmars2903294d ago

Demon's Soul sold 3 million?

How is that sad?

ThePimpOfSound3294d ago

You read it backwards, but I guess I should've had DS in bloody red instead of CG. Here:

Noctis Aftermath3294d ago

Sigh, sales = quality amirite? i've played demons souls the most out of every game i have bought since i got my slim, that is including uncharted 2.

Baba19063294d ago

my question is why the hell havent they released it in europe.

Redempteur3294d ago

Because publishers in europe are idiots ?

For the same reason other rpgs titles like persona ,atelier, tales of ..ALWAYS takes times ( too much ) to arrive in europe ?

For the same f***king reason blazblue isn't released yet in europe.

How long tales of vesperia took to cross the ocean ? Just thinking about it throw me into an ocean of rage.

facelike3294d ago

Because Sony only published it in Japan. Atlas, who only has presence in Japan and US published it in the US. Some publisher needs to just finance it and release it. Not sure what's the problem but it's probably something to do with all the localization needed to release it in EU.

This game is a sleeper hit, and I'm sure someone will publish it, especially if it wins awards for best RPG.

I rented this game and sucks that I had to give it back, but I so much wanted to continue touching the demon inside that girl.

fucadastates3293d ago

the ps3 is not region locked. import it. thats what i did.. back in marts. (korean version)

SolidAhmed3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

i could not agree any more

one of the best games in all time and the best Action RPG ever.

buy it guys not because i need a sequel but because you will truly enjoy the best of 2009, i have dedicated one character with a 30 soul level (beside to my 160+ soul level) to help out anyone in this game.

so if u feel like u need some items or souls just let me know


timestoby3294d ago

arnt they bringn it to uk with d/l later on in 10,so i thought. id get it,but not sure i could totally go thur the pain,play on easy lol