Sony to Offer Premium PSN Service Triple Play Episode #9

* Firmware 3.10 Has Arrived
* Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta Impressions
* IBM To Pull Out of Cell Processor Development
* Sony to Offer Premium PSN Service
* GT5 to Get DLC?
* Killzone 2 & inFAMOUS Excluded from Game of The Year Category for Spike VGA's

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StrboyM3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

It seems like I will be subjected to cursing/swearing and bad grammar in every podcast from now on huh? did these morons forget that kids play games as well?

I stopped listening 2 min into it....

WildArmed3295d ago

but its more 'hip' to swear 20 times in 5secs :) lol

mrv3213294d ago

I agree, swearing is only used to convey and emotion of feeling which then cannot do otherwise, with less offencive words.

cliffbo3294d ago

MRV... what utter rubbish. when bad language is used like that it shows that the speaker is lacking in expression

Myth-Psn3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Its their podcast.Free speech is a biatch, isn't it guys ;), Young children or whoever thinks it is inappropriate has the freedom not to listen to the podcast.

Proxy3294d ago

Lets not forget that free speech means no critical suggestions may ever be made.

mrv3213294d ago

I wasn't saying he can't swear, I am simply saying swearing is hardly the most intelligent thing. Judging what people say is not against freedom of speech, it's called human nature.

RuPaul3294d ago

IMO Nick McVirgin is a joke and shouldn't be allowed to post crap from his site on N4G....just look at the site, it's a joke.

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Kyur4ThePain3294d ago

Yo man. Fuk dis an fuk dat man. You know wha' ahm sayn'? Dis sheet is like da bahm, YOOOO!!!
Hit me up wid whacha been tappin'.

Funny...I've never heard them before or seen them, but listening to that you can't help but end up with what seems to be a pretty clear image of them.

darthv723294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I think sony could make some $$ off charging for premium online play. If you think about it, they can keep the free online but limit the number of players in the games (like mag for example). Limit the free online to peer to peer gamer hosting with a cap of 16-32 players in games.

You pay the premium service fee for unrestricted dedicated server games with max player. I dont see a problem with that. They would be making good on their promise of free online play while making the premium a full unrestricted experience. I wouldnt mind paying $50 a year for that.

edit: yeah mag is dedicated servers. They could limit the number of players though. They do that right now with certain games. I have been in mag sessions limited to 32 and 64 players.

@roper: I just have this feeling that is something sony may do with the free and paid service. Free is free but limited. Paid...unlimited. You can play online regardless either way. You just have less people to play with if free. There are many pc games that have similar structures. You can be a member and play on better servers or be a freebie and play on free servers. Same game just a choice of online environments to play in.

Dark_king3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

That wouldn't work.MAG is built around its servers.

Roper3163294d ago

I totally disagree with having to pay for any type of online gameplay. What the premium service should offer is to be able to DL PSN games and movies like a rental service. They could give like a 1 week or 2 week activation code and allow like 1 or 2 games a month and like 4-5 free movies a month.

If they were to charge for online play they would be scumbags just like MS is. Here we are gonna sell you a game at full price but limit you to only being able to enjoy 1/2 of the game unless you give us more money to enjoy the other half. screw that and any company who pulls that crap.

So if that were to happen I would just quit console gaming altogether and just DL pirated pc games and play those and use the 1000's of dollars a year I spend on games on weed, cigarettes and women.

Dark_king3294d ago

actually those were diffent game types with less people.domination is the largest 256 and i only once played in a match with under 100 people.That was the day of one of the massive server load test.started mine at 4 in the morning.must others were still downloading.

TheDudeAbides3294d ago

but they're true <ya dig or some other dumb fukcin sh!t>

Dark_king3294d ago

Now a premium service could very well be more of a grouping of content. imagine paying 15 bucks a month to download 2 or 3 add on dlc a month,are 5-10 rentals a month.Are just a monthly fee to play any downloadable games a month but you get locked out of the if you stop paying.Maybe a custom avatar where you can use any picture on your hard drive(this would need a approval system to keep out offensive materials are have it so the material is rated for age and content and blocked from those who are not old enough are find the material offensive) maybe a music or book service with a small monthly fee.

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