Games Industry Insider: NBA 2K10 Review

Games Industry Insider writes: "For a decade 2K Sports has brought us the finest basketball simulation on the market and for a tenth time they've delivered a stellar experience. NBA 2K10 is not only the best NBA game this year, it's the best basketball game ever.

The remarkable realism from last season is even more true to life this year. The AI as a whole holds up as well as it did last year and in some cases slightly better. Teammates and opponents alike are still true to life in their behaviors. Teams run real life NBA plays and individual players make the moves and take the shots they do in real life. Ray Allen runs off picks and has a lighting fast, picture-perfect, release on his shot. Tim Duncan faces up for his patented bank-shot and pounds a couple dribbles before turning into the lane for a short jump hook. Pick up this game and you'll instantly buy it as being authentic NBA basketball."

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