Vampire Rain Demo Out On Xbox Live Japan

If you are a brave soul, you might want to check out the Japanese Xbox Live Marketplace for the Vampire Rain demo. Of course, there were rumors circulating for a while that MS was banning accounts that downloaded outside their region so, be careful.

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PS360PCROCKS4569d ago

This is sooo fuc*ing stupid. You suck Microsoft "Hey buy my console and we're going to release content, but only in certain regions and if you want to try it we will ban your account" so let me see here so by buying a 360 and WANTING to try out their games they want to ban me? I agree with some things Microsoft does, but this crap right here makes me just want to give them the finger sometimes.

Syko4569d ago (Edited 4569d ago )

I've heard they only ban accounts that have mis matching credit cards tied to the account. Even then they only ban the silver account you use to download it. Just have to make another silver account then.

I do agree too, they do dumb $hit a lot. Ever since the pre-elite stuff I have wondered how strong they will end up this go around. They are pissing a lot of people off and making many dumb decisions.

Saint Sony4569d ago (Edited 4569d ago )

Yeah, it's pretty stupid, some countries get blurred boobies on tv.. thank god not here :D

Anyhow my point was that not all counrties have same laws etc. Publishers have to make some changes to the product/or not publish it everywhere.. etc just because some countries have different laws.

..and maybe they only have Japanese version ready for demoing.

EDIT: yep, with changes I ment some graphical/written etc stuff... there has been cases where the game is almost ready to go gold but then some cencorship hits the fan and they have to change some content to be able to release it everywhere --> yes, all get the same game but not the original game how it was first ment to be.. violence, sex, gore are the main reasons for this. Hehe, even the Barbarian for commodore 64 back then when it was released (1987) was banned in several countries just because of the decapitation with a sword...funny..pixels may hurt some people.

Dunno really what is the main reason with the demos, but I'm pretty sure it is related with laws.

PS360PCROCKS4569d ago

you know I never thought about the laws thing on content and laws. That actually makes alot of sense now. That is probably what it is but you fix that by not releasing demos only available for certain regions. But at the same time it's a game and it is going to be the same game in all regions so what changes? The language? I dont care if it's in japanese I want to just see how it plays and looks.

sak5004569d ago

Why? I've never seen a PC demo being region locked or something like that so why with consoles? I've d/l and played german game demos on pc and even though i did not understand the instructions but still game is a game unless its an adventure game where lots of text to read is required.