Game Industry Insider: Play and the Sorry State of Videogame Magazines

Game Industry Insider writes: "January 6th 2009 will forever live in infamy in gamers' hearts. On that day, publication of Electronic Gaming Monthly was suspended after media giant Hearst Corporation purchased the 1UP network. I had practically grown up with EGM, reading the magazine since its inception in 1989 right up until its untimely end in 2009. EGM somehow always got the scoop months ahead of other publications, and its unbiased, brutally honest reviews kept me glued to its every word. I read the magazine cover to cover and nothing excited me more than to see a new, cellophane-wrapped issue lying in my mailbox."

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Yi-Long3244d ago

... which I bought as a young wide-eyed boy, alongside british magazines like CVG and Mean Machines.

EGM was never a favourite of mine, though. The lay-out and design was usually amateurish and poor, and the magazine was just filled with wayyy too many advertisements, and the articles were short, screenshots weren't great, and TBH it was just a kinda 'tabloid' about games. It was thick, but 'cheap'.
That didn't stop me from collecting quite a bunch of them though, especially in those very early years. I remember seeing the first pictures of games like Street Fighter Alpha and Sonic CD etc. in that magazine (in a time before many of us had internet-access :) )
Usually, on sunny summerdays, I grab a pile of old videogame magazines and go sit out back in the yard, and read through them again :)

The last few years I've read a bunch of magazines, and last year I subscribed to 2 titles; EDGE, and GamesTM

EDGE, for me, was extremely disappointing. It seems the people at EDGE are just wayyy too cynical to just enjoy the games, instead wasting away half of their magazine with boring articles about some design-course in Sweden, or a 3-person developer that makes games for your iPhone or whatever. For every cool interview with an interesting guy like Tim Shafer, there are about 10 articles which will just bore the pants of you.
The reviews are a JOKE. Yeah, we can 'disagree' about certain things, but EDGE usually likes to go over the line which would still be acceptable, just to proof a point.

Needless to say, my subscription to EDGE didn't get renewed (they even hiked up the price(!) ). I won't miss it.

GamesTM on the other hand, is pretty much the best games magazine out there (for me). It still showcases a sincere love and interest for gaming, yet has quality background information and debate, plus the lay-out and quality of writing is very high. I love it.