Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Site Launches, Here's A Trailer

HellDescent writes: "Konami has just launched the official website for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. The page has a few character bios, info and screens. Nothing majorly new, but the new trailer is pretty sweet. The trailer is the "Attract Mode" video that would be found when idle in the main menu for a minute or 2. It certainly attracts us."

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Evildoomnerd3244d ago

and I am buying this on day 1, But I must confess I am a bit skeptical about using evasive maneuvers instead of melee combat. But to be fair, I would've missed out on Folklore, Killer7, Ico and Wild 9 if I let my skepticism get the better of me, and they turned out to be some of my favorites in my 19 years of gaming. Sometimes the strangest and most bizarre fruit can also be the sweetest and most satisfying.

dgroundwater3244d ago

Alright that's it I have to download this track. It's been in my head for days now!