Phone-o-scope for the iPhone

Everyone knows the iPhone doesn't take the best pictures, but do you want to take slightly better pictures while sacrificing almost all portability and looking like a total douche at the same time? Well if all of the above apply to you, you should take a good look at the 'phone-o-scope'. The phone-o-scope was made by a camera modder Bhautik Joshi and the idea is to attach lens from a DSLR camera to an iPhone in a very crude way involving optics from a cd or dvd player, some sticky putty and like almost 90% of homemade diy mods alot of duct tape.

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Madusha3431d ago

Lol! Imagine carrying that thing around. Definitely needs a lot of duct tape.

Battlefield3431d ago

Lol I'll stick with the normal camera.

EDIT: haha 'stick'.

Valay3431d ago

That's cool I guess, but I don't know if I'd like to take that around with me.

The Great Melon3431d ago

I don't know if I should be appalled at the misuse of a lens or impressed by the ghetto factor.