This Is Fan Art

With the increasing availability of art creation applications like Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter, fans of gaming art have become able to take many of the same tools of creation that the real-life games creators use and make their own versions of popular characters – which are often every bit as good as the real thing.

Whether it's simple fan-fuelled line and crayon drawings of Shadow and Amy getting hitched; sexed-up wish-fulfillment pieces of Chun-Li or Lara Croft in very little clothing; or huge and expansive Photoshop-rendered scenes mirroring the plush landscapes of the Final Fantasy games, there seems to be something irresistible about taking an existing body of work and adding your own unique slant – however simple or sophisticated they may be.

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Madusha3431d ago

Wow, that's some hardcore stuff.

The Metroid one is amazing.

The Great Melon3431d ago

The Metroid one is awesome. Just saved it and have it as my desktop background.

ABizzel13431d ago

The Sonic and Metroid look great. They need to make those into HD remakes (well Wii isn't HD so a good looking remake). I always thought they need to make more classic game into HD versions.

FACTUAL evidence3430d ago

Metroid and sonic is just TOOO PRO! Someone need to hire these guys, especially for sonic team.....omg sonic games would be much better with that guy.

MEsoJD3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

now thats an epic mickey!!!

coolfool3430d ago

I like the Metroid one even has a focal point so the the plants closest to the camera are blurred.

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coolfool3430d ago

a remake of the original sonic looking like that! It would be awesome.

FantasyStar3431d ago

I got the GTA one as my background. That's just AWESOME! I feel the same way as Patrick Brown (2nd guy interviewed)

"If I love something like a TV show, film or game, I’ll draw it. It’s like my inspiration. I’m a HUGE gamer and get really hooked on the big titles. Then I get this craving to make artwork out of it."

I'm an ok guitarist, and my artistic skills are ok, but that's only on paper. I have little skills with digital apps and that's where the trend seems to be going.

One day I'll learn. I just got a huge inspiration from looking at that GTA one!

mikepmcc3431d ago

I also am using the gta is simply sick

cb4g3431d ago

They should use the Sonic one for future games. That looks awesome compared to new 3D ones

Saaking3431d ago

Completely agree. I hope they take it back to it's 2d roots with the next title. Anyways, all of those drawings were amazing. My favorite one is the metroid one.

Shotgun_Roamer3431d ago

i feel like i should just give up drawing stick figures. I know i've hit the glass cieling and it just feels pointless. Why must people have such talent!