PGR4 this autumn

PGR4 took a step closer to a concrete release date today when Microsoft announced that the game would be launched in Japan this Autumn.

While this won't strictly have an impact on when we get it, given that Gotham 4 is being developed right here in the UK by Liverpool-based Bizarre Creations, we can probably expect it around the same time, if not slightly sooner.

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Hectic_Kris4568d ago

cannot wait for this little gem

kewlkat0074568d ago

Really It's getting ridiculous, there are going to be a lot of games battling for sales. I think everybody should be satisfied up until late spring 2008.

predator4568d ago

theres around 15-20 games from june to november i want for the 360, the list keeps getting bigger, the missis is goin to hate me after all this.

ps. this game is on it to

deepio4568d ago

There will be a sharp increase in divorce rates this winter that's for sure...

God of Gaming4568d ago

Gonna be one fine racer...

Odion4568d ago

I am stupid excited about this game!!! PGR3 was my first 360 game

on a side note would you kind gentlemen help me get my bubbles back PS3 people hate me

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The story is too old to be commented.