130° Exclusive Brink Preview: Objective Perspective Part 2

Breach the Container City barricade as we dive into "Objective Perspective" Part 2 of 3 to grab a closer look at the Engineer class and more in this exclusive Brink preview developer video.

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summons3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

So much for PS3 exclusives being untouchable. 2010 games on both consoles will pass up current PS3 exclusives.

EDIT. Too much

green3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

This game looks bloody awesome.And to think its almost a year away.I have taking a break from FPS but with this Rage and Halo Reach all dropping next year, 2010 will be a good time to get back into that genre.

@ Summons: WOW, that was amazing.Great graphics+8 player drop-in drop-out co-op+what is looking like solid controls+ the free running elements of Mirrors Edge makes this game full of win.

summons3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Alan Wake and Brink so far, are IMO on new levels.


Looks like somebody doesn't want to except the truth. Disagree away.

raztad3242d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

What INSANE graphics dude? probably for xbox360 fans those visuals are insane but we got KZ2 (which obviously this game is trying to imitate/match) like almost a year ago. Brink is still one year away, and when it finally arrives the graphic bar will be even higher. Not wait, the bar is already raised, by UC2.

To reach KZ2 visuals, game needs to be a lot more "dirty". A much, much more huge amount of particle effects and many more sources of lightning. Not to mention other factors like AI, animations. That said, this game is looking better than I though possible on the xbox.

In case you havent played KZ2 and probably dont believe what I'm saying, I give you this link for free:

One fast question. Do you still think first party devels are needed to exploit the xbox potential? or your previous comment was just making excuses for the lack of graphical powerhouses on the xbox? I'm really curious.

EDIT: I love the smell of disagrees but no responses.

Thats absurd dude. Your logic is killing me. You have TWO running games. A and B. If I game A is superior to game B, how can game B show that game A is not possible?

The advantage of the xbox regarding multiplats its that is the easiest, most familiar platform to develop for, the PS3 is just the contrary.

MS has actually some first party studios. Turn 10 is one of them. I already replayed a comment from you earlier.

What weather effects are you talking about? did you watch the link? If you are talking about the dust storm, I can tell those particle effects are not for free. They cost a lot of computational power. Watch carefully, there is a lot more than the dust running on.

EDIT3: I'm not even saying game looks bad. That would be plain stupid. Game looks really good, but you need to calm down and understand those visuals arent still to the level of what PS3 owners have almost a full year playing, and to think that Brink is a year away dont make things better.

Furthermore I can post another video of a multiplayer sesion. 32 players online. I'm sure KZ2 was toned down to keep the multiplayer/single player with the same visuals.

summons3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Brink has insane graphics and is coming out around this time next year.

"That said, this game is looking better than I though possible on the xbox."

WTF? Micro doesn't have very skilled 1st party developers with engines made specifically for the 360 multi core hardware. PS3 is showing its limit with multi platform games.

KZ2 almost looks the same with color filtered art. KZ2 has weather effects, of course KZ2 has less detail and not as sharp textures.

I'm sure some of those effects will be added sometime during the year it has left in development, after all the lead designer from Killzone 2 has moved over to Splash Damage.

KZ2 has less color and wind, that is what you shown in your link, also revealing lower res textures and less detail in KZ2.

Come on man, KZ2 has muddier less defined textures, if it weren't for the weather effects hiding the quality of the textures in the map you posted, you would see that. You're looking at the wind and two colors dude.

It's not on par dude. I've seen that video you posted, PS3 fans have been posting in Brink articles.

green3241d ago

The fact your comparing this game to Killzone 2 when know one mentioned Killzone 2 prior to your statement shows your level of insecurity.

Simon_Brezhnev3241d ago

lmao @ 360 fans

Desperately wanting Killzone 2 graphics. Let me ask all you fanboys a question how many of you played killzone 2 on a HDTV. Then again this is insane graphics to 360 standards lmao. Seriously stop bragging about multiplatform games.

ThanatosDMC3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Barely any lighting on the turret among other things. Why is this being compared to KZ2? Shouldnt it be compared to MW2? It looks and feels like it (notice how the guns fire). Btw, this guy keeps spraying and cant aim for crap.

krisq3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

But anyone who says this game is on par with KZ2 needs to check their eyes out. Or at least, actually play KZ2. Dying animation is laughable but this S.M.A.R.T. system looks really cool. Gives another depth to the game.

ruffles3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

What are you talking about. Gun Fire? Lets not forget this game has Classes and XP. Big guys are slow, tough and can handle bigger weapons more easily and the smallest class has weaker health and weapons. Pay attention the developer in the video even said he swapped a lighter more controllable gun.

Don't take this type of thing so personally, games advancing technically past other games is the way this industry has always been.

beavis4play3241d ago

as far as war-torn enviroments, KZ2 and MGS4 crush this game.

brink does look fun however.

raztad3241d ago


Come on man. Brink screams KZ2 all over the place. I've read that from previewers earlier and I watched it on this video. The "dull" KZ2 design/art-style (as many here called it) is in full force in Brink, but with some more colors. Thats obvious.

Remember gameplay is all that matter right? Let's go back to it, that SMART system is looking extremely fun. I agree about the "Evolution" tag in this video, though Mirror Edge introduced this stuff earlier, it was mostly for platforming. I'm glad someone decided to implement those ideas in actual fun, exciting combat.

Looking forward to Brink on the PS3. I'd like to know if SD will bring another botched port (they called PS3 tech "alien") or Brink on the PS3 wil be up to par, at least.

4Sh0w3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Game looks amazing to me, right up there with the best graphics on any console, in any other world that would be good news for all gamers.

If this game can deliver some top notch gameplay then we're all in for a real treat Fall 2010.

ABizzel13241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Not quite Killzone 2, but this game still looks sick as He!!. You can tell the guy from Guerrilla Games put in a lot of influence on the level design, becuase that stage could be a rip right out of Kilzone 2. Brink looks to impress next year. And as i said for the hundredth time Mirror's Edge meets Killzone 2 and now who's going to disagree with me. Now all the people who complained about how the game looked in the last demonstration what do you have to say now.

Graphically Killzone 2 has it (but Brink still has 8 months of development left)

But gameplay wise (based off the videos) Brink edges Killzone 2 out unless the controls don't feel right.

Brink is like a Killzone 2 upgrade. We'll have to see what Killzone 3 does to counter Brink.

DarK-SilV3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

To the people who disagreed with raztad in his first comment ,you guys have no idea what he is talking about if you played KZ2 you would know ,but I guess these people are blind or a fanboys
Brink has some of KZ2 gameplay, the game has nice graphics but it lacking in some areas, one thing is the lighting, if you think it’s in bar with KZ2 you are mistaken,
The game has at least 10 month to go, so it should look bette than this
I hate when fanboys cling to Multiplatform games to bash an exclusive,
KZ2 will be topped sooner or later, U2 one of these titles

ABizzel1 "Mirror's Edge meets Killzone 2" I agree

tordavis3241d ago

Dude, just so you know, the video you just watched is the same demo they played for us at E3 back in June earlier this year. These are the same graphics and same game play we saw in June. So I'm sure the game has come much further along since then. Now if this is what the game looked like in June(4 months after KZ2 was released) I don't think it was trying to imitate or match KZ2. Yeah, they look similar, but that's just how things work out sometimes.

This game will run at 60fps on PC and supposedly on the consoles. KZ2 is 30fps. This also means KZ2 possibly had more room for eye candy than Brink will. We won't know until we see the final product. Just know that you are commenting on a demo that was shown 6 months ago behind closed doors.

Double Toasted3241d ago

KZ2 wouldn't have produced anymore eye candy than what we saw especially since thats the reason it ran at 30fps. Brink on the other hand could melt eyes and explode heads if dropped to 30fps. Sh*t...the game looks better than KZ2 right now and its running at between 55 and 60 fps...

beans3241d ago

Both vids shown by Raztad and Summons are good to see. KZ2 without a doubt held down 2009 with the best visuals ever in a console FPS but Brink has a chance of taking that crown if nothing else comes along.

StanLee3241d ago

Killzone 2 barely ran at 24 fps and slow down seriously detracted from the gameplay. The framerate in Killzone 2 was absolutely terrible.

ABizzel13241d ago

I think Brink looks amazing, but stop the Killzone 2 hate right now. Killzone 2 is still the best looking console game, and Killzone 3 will push that boundary once again. Killzone 2 was a master piece and you have to remember it came out February 09. Brink's coming out Fall of 2010 so of course developers are going to catch up to last years graphics. I'm sure this is the PC version, and the console versions have a while to go before they're shown off. If MS was wise they'll nab Drink up and make this a part of their E3 showing and say look we can do amazing graphics on our console too (which I'm sure is going to happen). We'll just have to see what the PS3 has in store for us next year that will one up what Killzone 2 did this year.

So haters for once in your life stop hating and just appreciate what you have.

krisq3241d ago

Hahahahaha!!! What?? Play the damn game.

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summons3242d ago

Looks like PS3 fans are ignoring this.

Way to GO! sweep it under the rug.

Double Toasted3241d ago

but this game definitely looks better. From all the videos I've seen, its been demoed on the 360 so I would assume its the lead platform for it. The 360 is a mighty little beast, I'll give it that...

tordavis3241d ago

It's being demoed on a PC with a 360 controller. At least that's what they had at E3.

StanLee3241d ago

When it was demoed using the XBox 360 controller the prompts were different. This demo has the XBox 360 button prompts. I don't know if the earlier demo just didn't have the script but I do think this is running on XBox 360 hardware.

Xi3242d ago

alan wake, bfbc2, dust 415, god of war 3, etc. are just some of the upcoming games showing that both the ps3 and 360 have better looking games then killzone2 and UC2 coming within the next year.

good time to be a gamer.

ruffles3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I don't know how Sony fans have been able to convince most casuals the PS3 is king of the hill, maybe the abuse of news?

arakouftaian3241d ago

KILLZONE2 > alan wake, bfbc2, dust 415
they JUST don't look better
I seen many videos
i know you want
a better looking game than kz2
you have it its called
is not out jet it will be very soon
God Of War 3 > KZ2
i play the gow3 demo and wow
it looks very good
KILLZONE2 is close but

wow i saw the
Dust 514 Demo
in youtube
that how i imagine
HOME will be
3d maps for multiplayer strategies
3d trophy rooms
but i guess not
maybe when the ps4 is out
it will be like that demo lol
SONY take notes from
the Dust 514 Demo in youtube
for HOME.

Xi3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

remember it's an MMO game too. At the 50sec mark you get a clear idea of the way the game will look when it ships.

BfBC2, fully destructible enviroments. (it also uses a new deferred rendering system similar to killzone2, hence the improved lighting)

As for alan wake, I think the majority of the population speaks for itself, most people think it's the best looking action adventure game made, surpassing uc2.

All three clearly look better then killzone 2.

summons3241d ago

That's the PS3 version of BF2 so expect the game to look better.

CernaML3241d ago

Hahaha wow. You delusional people make it so easy to spot fanboyism.

summons3241d ago

No back to the "Bayonetta PS3 getting fixed by Sony" article so I can see the fanboys in denial reply excuses.

whothedog3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

"As for alan wake, I think the majority of the population speaks for itself, most people think it's the best looking action adventure game made, surpassing uc2."

I will let the video speak for itself.

Venatus-Deus3241d ago

If I was a betting man I’d say you were the same person. That means you have had a conversation with yourself in both the open and gamer zone. I’ll say the same thing to up as I do with Nasim (rigmaster / el botto etc, etc:

Dude there’s more to life... go out, meet girls (or boys ;-). What you have just done is the absolute definition of sadness.

You’re aiming your comments at just a handful of people. Nobody else really cares... on the other hand, if you’re a 36 year old, 25 stone virgin then you do what you need to do to make yourself feel happy.

talltony3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Killzone 2 looks better than BRINK! On a technical level Killzone 2 has more things happening on screen at once with more characters and more explosions, and it doesn't look cartoony or almost cell shaded like this does. Thats a FACT! I swear some of you guys have never played Killzone 2. And sorry not bfbc2 nor alan wake (lmao) look better than killzone 2 or Uncharted 2. I have seen Alan wake tons of times and I dont understand why anyone could say that crap. Uncharted 2 blows that out of the water from a technical level. I am in the bfbc2 beta on ps3 and NO WAY CAN IT COMPARE TO KILLZONE 2! You would just have to be a insane fanboy to believe that bull!

talltony3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

First of all you guys are crazy once again if you think that.
Here is a video of what you think DUST 514 looks like>>>>> (Pre-rendered scripted movie)

And here is what it actually looks like>>>>>>&a mp;g t;>>>>> (lol its like empty!)

And for those who forgot how great killzone 2 looks, check this out>>>

xcox3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

i lmao @ people talking about KZ2 w/o playing it.
anyone who's played it knows this doesn't come even close to KZ2.

the framerate is what: single digit? lmao
the audio sux donkey ballz
how many guys on screen: 3? hahahahaha
there's what 3 dynamic lights in the scene? KZ2 has 80 -> lmao again, it's starting to hurt

there you have it: put massive abuse of depth of field and motion blur in your game and xb!tches get their pu$$y all wet

moving on

gijsbrecht3241d ago

DUST 514 looks really bland. Or was that some sort of a very early demo?

talltony3241d ago

That 2nd clip is just as old as that first prerendered scripted movie. :)

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ruffles3242d ago

DAUUM one year left too. Looks totally bad a$$.

arakouftaian3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

and a KILLZONE fan


i start looking at the videos since
A KILLZONE2 guy is working on it and
i can see he is in it the game reminds me a lot of KILLZONE2

the game looks great very clean
its not KILLZONE2
but it does look
much better than anything else
and the 8 player co-op sounds good
let see more gameplay
more about the game
and a demo
if i enjoy the demo and everything else is good
i will buy the game.

no hate hate
and i know is hard for you people but
stop been a fan boy
you guys act like lil girls sometimes


well i am a non fan boy
who loves
and only owns a ps3

and i saw a guy talking bs
so i just give my opinion
so he can see what way
some one who loves kz2
and likes and only own a ps3
think about brink

and maybe make him and others stop been a lil fanboys

ruffles3242d ago

Your sudden neutral stance means you know we're right and this is your way of admitting it in a loyalist, prideful sort of way.

Can't go wrong with Mirrors Edge type of gameplay mixed with MMO action.