Introducing LucasArts' Fracture Fracture is a thunderous LucasArts shooter that sets out to split the world in two, using weapons that literally break ground. Click through for the full inside story behind one of the most innovative productions in development…

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devi8i4749d ago

This looks incredible!!!!!!!

MK_Red4749d ago

Finally, a good non-StarWars game from Lucas Arts after years. This a superb game, hope it gets the hype it deserves.

Caxtus7504749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

Indiana Jones on Xbox was the last !

and yes this game looks great :D

Bhai4749d ago

I have absolutely no doubts in Lucas Arts, they always produce the best of technology each gen. But, watching the first trailers I do have
a few concerns related to the physics here(since I'm a physics freak

-Apart from objects physics(ragdoll, crate etc.) the rest of the stuff
stays generic.

-When the player throws a 'ripple-grenade', stunning riples are
generated on the ground but are they only skin deep?(textures only) or
do they actually bring change into the mesh of the ground? The height
of the player and debris standing on the ground is not changed, neither
do they shake accordingly, only the resulting cone has mesh-level
change.......and this was even present in the Shadow of the Colossus on

-The 'Ball-Grenade' always make only same-sized ball out of terrain...
I bet you could have it done in 2004's PSi-OPs.

-The 'column-Grenade' always makes similar columns, a much complex
display of physics was in PS2's Okami, where leaves on water surface
always reacted to real-time change in wind speed...

Please don't get me wrong, I just love Lucas Arts games, and I would
love to be proven wrong here...I just don't want to see the same
animations again-and-again, true physics is all about different results
in each act.