World's smallest 7-inch HDTV on display at Computex

Measuring in at just 7-inches, Xceive's "Breckenridge" reference design is currently on display at Computex in Taipei. Unfortunately, Xceive is only showing off their XC5000 silicon tuner in the press release, but Engadget has a sneaking suspicion that they're using that Seiko-Epson 7.1-inch, 1080p-capable LCD panel first floated back in October. Xceive's contribution to the 16:9 HDTV is the crazy small, 2.75 x 4.75-inch main board capable of receiving all 18 ATSC formats or NTSC signals via terrestrial or cable implementations. Unfortunately, you'll have to sit about 6-inches away from the display for all those pixels to matter. Still, it is just a reference design. In other words, Xceive is looking for someone with the manufacturing skills to take this to market.

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Khann4565d ago

Does this not completely defeat the purpose of having a high resolution?

Nervsys4565d ago

Surely all 7 Inch HD Tvs would be the same size? :-)

Quicksilva4565d ago

Is the point in a HD display so small, lol.

ITR4565d ago

If you don't have a 7" HDTV in your car or bathroom your not ballin!

Odion4565d ago

best comment on the internet