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Cliffy.B: "No plans for any Gears on PS3 any time soon"

VGArabia: Cliffy.B, the design director of the Gears of War franchise has killed all the rumors that have been popping on the internet about the possibility of a Gears of War game on Sony's console, the PS3.

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Wrong source
source should be Kotaku.
MightyMark4273274d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
Wrong source
Why is taking someone elses radio work and putting it on some no-name site a source; this is the problem with N4G - give credit not to your own "blog".....lame!
Valkyrie833274d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
who cares?
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Genesis53274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Oh well. I am not to terribly broken up about that.

Bungie3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

what a fanboy. right?

EDIT: i mean Cliffy...not you

Genesis53274d ago

No I just have a sh!t load of games to play right now. I am trying to catch up.

TOO PAWNED3274d ago

I played Gears 1 on PC, wondered whole time what is the big deal. Solid 8.0 in my book. Don't care really to be honest, maybe back in 2008 but now and for 2010? Nope.
BTW Cliff is not a fanboy, this is not his call, he is only designer. Mark Rain makes decisions.

S M N3274d ago

PS3 has Quantum theory which it's look better

so i don't care if it's come to the ps3 or not

ZombieNinjaPanda3274d ago

@ Bungie

Well, from what I can tell, Cliffy hasn't really been going around insulting the playstation community at every chance he gets.

At least from what I can tell.

Anon19743274d ago

That's what I own a 360 for. The odd exclusive a couple of times a year worth trying. I'm glad I had the chance to play Gears and Gears 2. Excellent titles.

DelbertGrady3274d ago

Of course you don't need it. Quantum Theory will be much better in every way. Action GOTY 2010.

3274d ago
3274d ago
alaa3274d ago

Yeah, you are right. I know that Halo games sell better, but Gears is the most important Xbox 360 exclusive in my opinion. It was the franchise that showed the world what the Xbox 360 can do visually. I think people will blown away when they see Gears 3.

Saaking3274d ago

I've been playing Gears on Insane recently and it's really fun; however, I feel that it'd just feel wrong on the PS3. The same way I feel about FF being on the 360.

Rigmaster3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

"showed the world what the Xbox 360 can do visually"


Just so there isn't anyone who still thinks the pathetic and fake Epic Unreal Engine marketing bullshots they filled the gaming media with look anything like the actual garbage in game Gears of War graphics, here is a comprehensive set of actual in game captures:


Yes, those barely better than PS2/Xbox graphics are 'the best the 360 can do'.

Epic was able to capitalize on the humiliation Xbox fans felt from the Xbox 1.5 label and feed them the lies about graphics they so desperately wanted to believe. On its own merits Gears of War is nothing more than a Kill.switch clone with crap graphics and broken online play.

Beast_Master3274d ago

I am not sold on Quantum Theory. But I think UC2 has filled my 3rd person action fix for the time being. If Epic is working on a New IP it will likely be multi-plat. If it is multi-plat then PS3 will get a Gears of War Game since Cliffy B. has never done anything but Bruding Super Space Marine games, I would be shocked if he could do something different.

Anon19743274d ago

First off, don't get me wrong, I loved both Gears games and thought they looked excellent, but when I played the first Gears back in 2006 I thought "All right! This is finally next gen! They just raised the bar on the 360 and I can't wait to see what they do next!"

Then I waited. And waited. And kept waiting. Two years later, Gears 2 came out and I have to say, it looked pretty much on par with the first Gears. Again, not that there's anything wrong with that but Epic seemed to be the only one who really pushed the 360 and I wanted something more. I'm very much looking forward to the next Gears installment, but I've already resigned myself to the fact that it's probably not going to look any better than Gears/Gears2. I mean, if the 360 were capable of better, wouldn't somebody have done it by now? It's been 4 years.

Trebius3274d ago

Dont know if its because it's THAT good...

Or because they havent had any other games...

But I've played it with them...I like playing Annex...reminds me of king of the hill on uncharted 2, except with bad graphics and controls.

Rainstorm813274d ago


Christ ! I am sooooo sick and tired of Gears PS3 rumors. Gears on PS3 chainmails. Gears next gen on PS4.


If they did... Xbox360 starting @ 199$ otherwise STFU

DelbertGrady3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I don't care at ALL about Gears of War. That's why I feel the need to comment more than once about how little I care about it. :)

alaa3274d ago

First of all, Gears 2 look so much better than the original. You have to see them side by side and you will see the differences. More detailed characters, better lightning, more characters on the screen and more. Secondly, Alan Wake is looking fantastic and it's a better looking game than Gears 2.Go and see the latest game play footage for Alan Wake at Gametrailers and I swear you are going to see the best lightning effects thus far. Also, Final Fantasy 13 look phenomenal.

badz1493274d ago

like how I would like PS3 exclusives stays on PS3. There's no fun of having all consoles to have the same games! that's what exclusives are for

Rigmaster3274d ago

"First of all, Gears 2 look so much better than the original"


Gears of War 2 looks just as bad as the original. The laughable bad graphics didn't improve at all. The two games look so close that when comparison stories came out people kept getting screenshots mixed up.

So you had the Xbox fans claiming 'how much better Gears of War 2 looks and how it 'proves!!!' that there is still room for improvement of 360 graphics'

and then someone would point out that they were looking at Gears of War 1 screenshots...

mal_tez923274d ago

I just thought it was a crappy Uncharted with clunky controls and awkward movement.

Saaking3274d ago

Gears 1 was awesome. Gears 2 not so much. The graphics DID NOT IMPROVE. Seriously, I see little to know difference (they only added more color).

TotalPS3Fanboy3274d ago

they meant exactly the opposite. So there you have it, Gears will be coming to the PS3, sooner or later.

3274d ago
3274d ago
CimmerianDrake3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Good. We don't want it, we don't need it, no one's crying for not having it. We're far too busy with REAL games, not generic, brown colored FPS 28397431348971: Wrath of the campers.

Pffft, Cliffy B.

EDIT: To the disagreeing person... you either don't have a PS3 (likely) or you actually are crying for a generic brown colored FPS with massive campers. The first option is fine, you might not be able to afford it or it's not your preference, the second one just makes you sad because you don't pay attention to what's already available and what will be for the PS3.

sikbeta3274d ago

Well, what are you expecting, is the second more important game for xbox after Halo, they sure have a great DEAL (-> $ <-) for not going Multiplat, so anything surprising here

Unreal is Third Party and they do what they think is best, if they want to jump to the PS3 there is nothing that can't hold them, knowing that we can assume M$ is making sure Gears stay exclusive

Anon19743274d ago

And again I feel it's necessary to point out, I have nothing against either Gears game's graphics - they are hands down the best the 360 has to offer, but I disagree. I don't think Gears 2 was a leap over the first Gears. They changed the color palette, added some blurring and lighting but other then that it was the same, and the texture pop in and framerate issues were still there like the first. Considering they both use the same engine, that shouldn't really surprise anyone. Still two of the best looking games I've seen this generation.

As for Alan Wake, don't tease me. I've been looking forward to that game for years but for the longest time it was like Bigfoot, more rumor than anything else. Now we've got some gameplay footage but we don't even know if that's running on a 360 or some developers PC hardware. I'm quite looking forward to this game, it'll probably be the first 360 game I buy since Fable 2 came out, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up with this title. There's nothing worse than being caught up in the hype and then let down by a mediocre title. I was so pumped for Too Human and that game was such a let down, from one of my favorite developers, no less.

calis3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

"I don't care at ALL about Gears of War. That's why I feel the need to comment more than once about how little I care about it. :)"

lol, have a bubble.

*waits for his pathetic n4g stalker to disagree. Loser*

JokesOnYou3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

NOW you can read the comments above, so transparent, lets try a different headline and see what they say AFTER that:

Cliffy B: "Our new plans are for the next Gears to be on PS3"

NOW="Oh well. I am not to terribly broken up about that."=
AFTER="OMG well. I am so excited with about this."

NOW="I played Gears 1 on PC, wondered whole time what is the big deal."=
AFTER="I didnt have a nice PC to run Gears 1 so I'm glad I can finally play Gears3 on my ps3."

NOW="PS3 has Quantum theory which it's look better so i don't care if it's come to the ps3 or not"=
AFTER="Don't know if Quantum theory will be half as good as Gears, but now thats Gears3 is coming to the ps3 I dont care."

NOW="That's what I own a 360 for. The odd exclusive a couple of times a year worth trying. I'm glad I had the chance to play Gears and Gears 2. Excellent titles."=
AFTER="I'm glad I owned a 360 all these years, its been pretty slim pickings for ps3 gamers for quite some time, finally this year sony released some big games, like microsoft has put out every year, so nows my chance to act like 360 has no games. damm how did I survive on MGS4 1 Excellent title, aside from Kojima's long winded boring as hell cutscenes."

NOW="I've been playing Gears on Insane recently and it's really fun; however, I feel that it'd just feel wrong on the PS3. The same way I feel about FF being on the 360."=
AFTER="OMG Gears3 is coming to ps3, RROD, evil microsoft, xbots, 360 is dead, ps3FTW, I love sony, Cliffy B is so cool."

lmfao, what a difference a headline can make.=


FACTUAL evidence3274d ago

Whoever thought this was coming on the ps3 anyway is sweating gears tooo much. lol we all knew this wasn't happening. The day we see gears on the ps3, is the day Gabe Newell will actually get off his lazy ass and port over L4D.

vhero3274d ago

Ah well at least we know its not gonna happen anytime soon but then again neither is gears 3 so... Either way it will be on PC so I can still play without paying to play online.

starvinbull3274d ago

What a refreshing change for a dev to just be frank and say "no it's not likley to happen."

Contrast that with "the PS3 is a waste of time" "we're a PC and 360 dev we don't make PS3 games."

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Bungie3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

any time soon = NEVER

RememberThe3573274d ago

Gears of War is a 360 title. It was the first game I ever played on the 360 and it wouldn't feel right on other systems.

3274d ago
alaa3274d ago

As a matter of fact they are working on Gears 3. But they are leaving the Unreal franchise for sometime.

Nambassa3274d ago

And how do you know...?

alaa3274d ago

Go and hear him talk on Kotaku radio. He said that Unreal Tournament is a great franchise and will return to it later.

Nambassa3274d ago

But it doesn't necessarily mean they are working on a new Gears of War. It could be a new IP.

alaa3274d ago

though he mentioned that there's something cool about bad ass characters like Alex Mercer and Cole (he mentioned Infamous and Prototype)and playing with characters having super powers as a good concept for a game, but I think Microsoft needs Gears 3 next year. and don't forget that Epic generate a lot of money from Gears games.

Tomonobu Itagaki3274d ago

Remember that?
A rumor debunked more than 5 times. And we all know how the story ends...
Even a "NEVER" cannot be trusted.

lowcarb3274d ago

I could of sworn Cliffy said somewhere that they were making a zombie multi plat game.

Chubear3274d ago

He's a developer. He's fully aware of gaming forum banter and the console war battles that go on with int. If he meant "never" he would have said never. Read btw the lines and see that Gears will be on the Playstation later on in the future.

You better work on accepting it from now cause when it does happen, and you haven't come to terms with it, it'll be the same gutt wrench you feel when Bioshock went multi. It'll be same gut wrencher when Mass Effect and Splinter Cell Conviction go multiplat.

Arnon3274d ago

What's it like being on the extreme side? I thought you used to have some informative comments. Oh well.

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MetalGearRising3274d ago

Obviously due to poor hardware there is know way possible for ps3 to be able to run Gears. Maybe on the next console and that is a BIG maybe.

Nambassa3274d ago

Dude, Uncharted 2 looks better than both Gears of Wars combined.

IRetrouk3274d ago

I dont know a single ps3 fan that has asked for gears on it, im happy playing it on my 360, but comon we know which console is the better, and no you cant play gears on it.

The real killer3274d ago

You still convince that the PS3 has poor hardware, damn be real man.
You are so 360 fanaat X-rodd fanboy.

The most poor Hardware is still the 360 and not the PS3, 65% vs 14%

ActionBastard3274d ago

Name a 360 game that looks and plays as well as Uncharted 2. Hell, Uncharted 1...

JasonPC360PS3Wii3274d ago

To bad Sony blew its load in 09 because they don't have sh!t for 2010. Maybe 2011 will look better for you droids, but then again with only GOW3 and GT5 coming out looks like it's back to wishing.

ZombieAutopsy3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Sigh*...Jason you know just about anyone here could list at least 5 ps3 exclusives coming out in 2010, but dont worry you only FAILED.

I wouldnt mind Gears on my ps3 though, not that i would play it because it isnt exactly that great of a game but i wouldnt care if it was released for ps3.

PopEmUp3274d ago

you're so full of fail XD

+ Show (4) more repliesLast reply 3274d ago
PirateThom3274d ago

Good choice, it doesn't stand up well against the likes of Uncharted.

-Alpha3274d ago

It doesn't have to. Just because they are the same genre doesn't mean they are the same game.

I wouldn't mind seeing Gears on a PS3. The more games the better. Gears 1 looks like it has a great multiplayer and I would love to try the game out for my PS3.

bigrudowsky3274d ago

While both games are similar they are also very different.
I prefer gears but thats just me it has its faults but its a beast of its own.

PirateThom3274d ago

Don't get me wrong, I do like Gears, but it seriously needs a big overhaul in the campaign area (because, yes, Hoard was awesome), but both games are basically the same.

summons3274d ago

In sales? Or score?

Gears 3 will be using a new version of URE so I hope you were not guessing about graphics.

PirateThom3274d ago

Sales, scores and graphics? All completely irrelevent.

I mean in core gameplay, Gears just isn't as fun and the campaign mode is like an afterthought.

summons3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Sure you did.

Popularity name/hype excuses only go so far

Good core gameplay=sales

PirateThom3274d ago

Ok, play the sales card if it makes you feel better, I don't really care either way. All I'm saying is, unless Gears 3 is a more impressive game than part 2, it's a bargain bin buy rather than first day.

nefertis3274d ago

I agree with u pirate thom, uc2 is awesome. I would rather them epic make a new ip outside of gears and unreal.

Zack Sawyer3274d ago

I too agree with PirateThom in that although I really like Gears the gameplay in the sequel had become a bit stale, the vehicular felt as though it was tacked on and not done very well.

I did like the new way they did the boss battles where you had to hit certain buttons in time but I think that it needs to be expanded on and be more like the way it is in GOW and UC

+ Show (6) more repliesLast reply 3274d ago
Stationfan3274d ago

I agree, I dont think his ego could take having his game on the same console. As the most polished TPS (U2)