Kotaku: Geforce 3D Vision Glasses Review: I Can See Forever

Kotaku writes: "Has 3D technology advanced to the point where we should all be sitting in front of our computer monitors wearing futuristic glasses? NVIDIA is banking on it with the GeForce 3D Vision Glasses kit.

NVIDIA's 3D Vision Glasses use today's advanced technology to deliver two different images to your two different eyes, creating the illusion of depth. How this works is rather simple. The monitor runs at 120 Hz, delivering two sets of images at 60 Hz each. The glasses contain an extremely precise shutter that alternates the images your eyes see. It's like old red and blue 3D, which uses color filters to achieve the same effect, only much more technical and much more expensive to pull off. Using this stereoscopic method, the glasses deliver a 3D effect to a large selection of PC, without the games needing to be designed with 3D in mind."

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Nihilism3333d ago

Pretty psyched for getting these, but like the article said, it'll cost me a new monitor and GPU, and those have to come first....maybe i'll have them in a year :(