Intel shows 48 core cpu prototype

Although Intel is just about to introduce 6 and 8 core cpus in 2010, they already show a 48 core system up and running in the Intel labs in Braunschweig, germany. 1.3 billion transistors, 125 watt under full load and four DDR3 memory channels sounds nice for a prototype.

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YungXclusive2K93243d ago

I'm quite sure sony has something to do with this but i can't quite put my finger on it hmm........(4)<(S)<(P)

Kakkoii3243d ago

No, actually it's GPU's that have something to do with it.

GPU's are starting to really invade Intel's space in the general computing market. So now Intel is trying to take the same computing approach, instead of just bashing the approach.

Think of this as a Larabee concept without the graphics support.

JBaby3433243d ago

Real-time ray tracing please.