So...Ubisoft didn't blame the Wii for poor sales?

Ubisoft's most recent financial conference call has already been reported on, but it seems as though the report had been vastly incorrect. Ubisoft has responded to these false reports.

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Goomba123243d ago

System 2009 2008

DS 23% 37%
PC 17% 14%
PS2 2% 3%
PS3 15% 21%
PSP 5% 4%
Wii 22% 11%
360 14% 9%
other 2% 0%

The following are statements concerning the Wii...

'some games are meeting expectations, some are not.'

"Rabbids Go Home is taking off."

'the Wii has a high penetration and can be very profitable with quality software.'

Seems as though PS3 was the one Ubisoft lost the most YoY with console wise, not the Wii.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3243d ago

You can't make that comment in isolation.

How many games did Ubi release in 2008 vs 2009 for each system THEN you can comment about a console not performing.

And no...I'm not doing that legwork.

Goomba123243d ago

Just looking at the numbers provided by Ubisoft. Nothing more.

Sarcasm3242d ago

Oddly enough, I think the reason why Ubisoft did OK with the PS3 in 2008 was because of Haze sales.

Even then, the PS3 is on par with the 360.

N4g_null3242d ago

After you guys crapped on haze I think ubi said screw you. It recoup time. It's really sad a bunch of brain dead stuff beat out actualy hardcore games. Ps3 players are acting a lot like n64 owners back in the day and seem to be ignoring the 3rd party games.

Another funny thing is I looked at what came out on the ps3 and they are a bunch of ports from the wii proving the same games would not sell even with better graphics. A lot of games came out too. Some with big names behind them lol shame on you fanboys for not buying these wii ports of none brain dead kid games.... That was a lot of hdmoney down the drain.

You better call up your friends before it's too late!

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SpoonyRedMage3243d ago

so Kotaku blatantly lied about it? huh?

Good to hear Rabbids Go Home doing well, it's one of the best Ubi games this gen.

Their other titles I don't care about too much but I've heard that Dawn of Discovery is great on all 3 platforms(PC, Wii and DS)... I'm not an RTS fan though.

Goomba123243d ago

Kotaku has always been full of crap.

Smacktard3243d ago

Good thing to see Rabbids Go Home doing well. It's like the one Ubisoft Wii game that's actually worthwhile and worth its price-tag.

The Great Melon3242d ago

I was thinking about getting the game. There is a certain charm to those rabbids and their insanity.

EvilTwin3242d ago

Spoony -- Yeah...Kotaku being full of it is pretty much par for the course.

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N4g_null3242d ago

Wow no trolls? Weird oh this is good news and even the shovelware makers believes there is money to be made with good games on the wii.... How about those hd numbers though ouch.

Jamescagney3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Look at that then, 3rd party games do sell on the Wii.


if you like a bunch of brain dead kids games!!!!!!!!!!!! like dancing with the stars.

N4g_null3242d ago

I don't care about that software all I care about is red steel 2 and nmh2. I don't care where they get the money as long as those games are made. You guys complaining about crapware but have just started gaming or you just don't want to have any thing good to say about the wii.

Shnazzyone3242d ago

Based on those numbers nintendo is starting to represent a lions share of ubi's sales. Almost half of their sales are coming from nintendo. All of sony's offerings combined(ps3, ps2 and psp) is only equal to the sales of the wii alone. Nevermind the epic win of DS software sales. Third parties winning on the wii... who knew?!?

Feels weird reading a positive article for wii... hoping it's a trend.

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