Pac Man Championship Edition Available Now on Xbox LIVE Arcade

Pac Man Championship Edition is available now on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points. The game was announced to much press and fanfare yesterday and includes many new modes and upgrade HD graphics.

Full Press Release:

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Bill Gates4575d ago

This game "HAS" changed gaming 4ever......NOT!! hahahaha

Saint Sony4575d ago

Hey come on! It can still do history!... it might flop like none has flopped before.

Anyhow, will have to test this thing to believe it.

headblackman4575d ago

ok, this is nice and all but were in the hell is the new street fighter or anything like it? :/ it's like they are saticfied with giving us that petty bull, but as a consumer, im not pleased. give me some real arcade games that matter something well withing the 90 and up no more of that garbage. id like to spend 800 ms points on something alot better than pac man >:/