Qore Episode 19 – Featuring Dark Void, White Knight Chronicles, The Saboteur and ILM

Posted by Kevin Furuichi: The December Episode of Qore features no fear of heights, a fearsome knight, fighting Nazis at night, and part two of our visit with Industrial Light…and Magic.

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ThatCanadianGuy3244d ago

Looking forward to the WKC part.

I'm loving the combat style in that game.And the online co-op is gonna be ADDICTIVE!

Genesis53244d ago

I have been waiting for that game for a very long time.

Kurisu3244d ago

We all have. But my hype for the game is now non-existant.

chidori6663244d ago

Knight Chronicles>>> ff13..

Kurisu3244d ago

White Knight Chronicles looks bland in comparison to FFXIII. This won't stop me from buying it though! My PS3 needs RPG's, and it'll be getting that from February onwards.