Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 is the Worst Game Ever Created Part 1

Kyle LaCroix at Insert-Disc recently played through the 2006 release Sonic the Hedgehog and discovered that it was even worse than everyone said it was. In part one of his series of articles on the game he introduces you to the horror that is Sonic 06.

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Redempteur3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Well i will find one nice thing in this ..

The main theme's not great but it's at least decent ...

i would have forgotten about it if it wasn't inclued in the sonic soundtrack list in smash bros brawl..

lwelyk3425d ago

Actually that's a good point. It wasn't too bad. Totally the wrong music for a Sonic game, but still not too bad.

ia_studio3424d ago

Yeah it is a bad game IT HAS NO TROPHIES, can you believe it?
still I don't collect those things.

Relientk773425d ago

Sonic Unleashed was pretty ridiclous

playing it made u feel drunk, it moved that fast, it was crazy

tripewire3425d ago

Yes, Yes it is.

The game alone was tied with a few others, but then to realise that this was SONIC getting molested by the code goblins was heartbreaking.

SoapShoes3424d ago

Have you ever played Drift or Sonic Blast? lol Those GG games sucked. It's sad how it turned out poorly, it would have been great if they didn't rush it for the 15th anniversary. The Adventure series are the best Sonics still...

BigKev453424d ago

No, E.T. for Atari 2600 is. The person who wrote this article must be no older then 20.