Atomic Gamer: New Super Mario Bros Wii Review

Atomic Gamer writes: "You probably haven't seen Borderlands and New Super Mario Bros Wii mentioned together in the same article very often, if at all. But, until their respective releases, the two occupied the very same apprehension-driven space in my mind. You see, despite offering wildly different interactive experiences, appealing to equally varied audiences, I couldn't get past the back-of-the-box feature they both proudly boasted: "4-Player Co-op!" I'd looked forward to both titles, and found them appealing for different reasons, but my phobia of multi-player-competitive and cooperative-kept my enthusiasm at arm's length. Was one of my all-time favorite franchises, one that my young teen self played-solo!- for hours on end, to be sullied by the industry's latest trend? Did one of gaming's most revered series really need to jump on this particular bandwagon?"

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