GameSpot: Backbreaker Update Preview

GameSpot writes: "We've already seen a good deal on NaturalMotion and publisher 505 Games' upcoming take on 11-on-11 football, but we have yet to get our hands on the full version of Backbreaker to play it ourselves. Still, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the final game when it ships in April 2010. Here's a quick breakdown:

- There's no NFL license, so customization will play a big part in the game. You can create your own players, teams (even their logo, using a logo editor), and seasons, but Backbreaker will have up to 32 premade teams to select from as well. We haven't seen the customization feature yet, but we're hoping the logo editor offers enough variety to really create what you want. The development team also hasn't quite figured out how to bring all of customization functionality online (referencing NCAA Football's deep online customization system), but it's working on it."

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