The Best PS3 Commercial Ever

Forewarning: This piece of insanity includes nudity, some guy tossing off in a sock, and other bits of mind-altering fun....

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Maddens Raiders4749d ago

practice of mine to comment first on my own submission, but this video was pretty fun to watch imho. Maybe the 24 Coronas (cervesas mas finas) my buddies and I just killed tonight didn't hurt But, from an artistic standpoint, yeah:

--"The Best PS3 Commercial Ever"--


techie4749d ago

Past ads were just as weird, if not more so....with David Lynch directing the PS2 ads!!!

You have to remember they are part of a bigger picture....a bigger campaign. What these ads do for Europe is create intrigue, and then an emotion or feeling - often "WTF!". This emotion is then stapled onto the "This is Living" tag, which is then attached to "Playstation 3" by the end of the ad. SUCCESS - once this is subconsciously done, whenever a person sees the "This is Living" or "PS3" they will get that same feeling.

So these ads are there to compliment the other ads, the ads which have games in them.


ITR4749d ago

The David Lynch commercials were the best Sony Ad's ever.

Arkham4749d ago

Heh, I still have them all saved on my other computer. Gotta watch them every once in a while.

T_Tokyo20104749d ago

I seen this and couldn't stop laughing at it's weirdness.

gta_cb4749d ago

hmmm ya know theres always that weird kid you remember from you school, maybe thats how Sony are trying to advertise the PS3 as you always seem to remember the weird kid, and well all the PS3 trailers etc have been pretty darn weird!

T_Tokyo20104749d ago

Yeah it makes you wonder what the hell did any of that have to do with gaming what so ever. Deep you make sense in saying thats it's part of a bigger story, but weirdness like that is just plain confusing. Funny, but confusing.

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The story is too old to be commented.