Kairi Confirmed To Feature In Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

The original cast of Kingdom Hearts has very noticeably been left out of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep since it was original revealed years ago, until now. Kairi has been spotted in the latest Shonen Jump scan, the same scan that highlighted Zack Fair very prominently.

Kairi however, is tiny on the scan, to the point that she almost can't be seen. We've taken the original scan and clipped the part you can see her in though, which you can view below.

This leads us on to questioning whether or not any other main characters from previous Kingdom Hearts will make appearances in the new title.

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mephman3243d ago

I wonder if there will be any other characters returning.

iamtehpwn3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

If you recall, Kairi does not recall where she comes from, as she suffers from amnesia. Which is why she wanted to go explore new worlds with Sora and Riku.

Whitefox7893243d ago

That kid Sora and Riku are in this game and seeing as Mickey's in it we'll probably see a cameo of Goofy and Donald

ShawnCollier3243d ago

I wonder how many more cameos will be added to the game?

Chaxo3243d ago

Kairi in KH2 = Goddess.
Kairi in KH1 = 2 young
Kairi in BBS = a joke.

Why go for the small one and not the brother ?
The graphics could have been much much better.

MasterChief36243243d ago

Kairi in KH3 = Will be more goddessy than the goddess she was in KH2.

C wut I did thar? ;)

Obelisk923243d ago

Kairi's hot in KH2. Can't wait for KH3. lol

Chaxo3243d ago

If that day would come.

Kurisu3243d ago

I liked the Kingdom Hearts games on PS2. The second game more than the first.'s been ages since I played them and my knowledge of the story is starting to suffer. I don't think I have them anymore, either. I reckon Sony should release a Kingdom Hearts Collection, with the first two games on Blu Ray! Much like the God of War Collection :)

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