FFXIII main story length is 50-60 hours long

"For XIII, the size of the entire game is considerable," he said, as reported by Kotaku.

"Just running through the main story takes experienced players over 50 hours".

He states that for experienced Final Fantasy fans it should take 50 hours to complete the main storyline and about 60 hours for beginners.

On top of that many side quests have been announced recently so it seems like this game will soak up many hours of your time.

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GWAVE3240d ago

Cool. Let's hope that the gameplay and storyline makes it worth actually playing through.

S-E has been letting me down a lot these past few years. Let's hope FF13 isn't also a letdown...

Simon_Brezhnev3240d ago

same here my hopes went down but the latest trailers ive been excited i still want VS. more though.

Oerba_Fang3240d ago

For me...

FFVII = 40-45 hours

FFIX = 35 hours

FFX = 30-35 hours

FFXII = 60-65 hours

I forgot how long VI and VIII took me.

This is from the developers own mouth so it's probably true. However assuming it was PR then the actual story is probably 40-45 hours.

A game which is too short can leave you unsatisfied...but if it's too long then it can feel stretched out and it can affect the plot (like FFXII)

Anything between 30-60 would be awesome!

After that I will do the Chocobo sidequests, Hunts, other small mini-games and the trophies!

fishd3240d ago


villiers3240d ago

I have full faith that with the FFVII director in charge, Nomura behind the characters and the general FFX team behind the game that the story will be back to typical FF epicness and deliver.

FFXII was crafted by the tactics team and pretty much none of the main FF team played a part in that game. Thats why the story wasn't that great.

Godmars2903240d ago

This one seems more emotionally driven than FFXII so I don't see why it wont be as good as FFX.

gaffyh3240d ago

Good length, I wouldn't have accepted anything less than 40 hours, so seems like this will be good.

deadreckoning6663240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Yep, ONLY possible on the PS...oh wait.

@GodMars- We won't know which console it will be better on until it comes out. Maybe M$ or Sony have exclusive DLC planned. Who knows?
FFIII is living proof that ANYTHING is possible in the gaming industry and that ties aren't always as close as people believe they are.

Godmars2903240d ago

Best done on the PS3.

The only thing I'm really waiting for at this point are the 360's specs. Are we looking at a 3, 4 or even 5 disc title. How that will effect the Western PS3 version. If at all.

MAiKU3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

What on earth are you on about?

Final Fantasy XIII will be ported to the 360. P O R T E D. Not remade, or replaced, or anything like that.

SE wanted to make sure that both game versions will be as similar as possible, that's why they extended to 3 discs for the 360 version as to not over do the data compression.

The director of the game has also confirmed there to be no DLC for it would state that "the finished game would come off as not complete if we did."

Fixed my comment, read your FFIII thing wrong... i guess?

edgeofblade3240d ago

Except on the 360, it's estimated to take between 50 hours and 10 minutes to 60 hours and 10 minutes, if you count the disk swapping...

Xeoset3240d ago

Meh, Lost Odyssey's main story was 70 hours long and completely amazing at that. Slightly let down by these estimations.

Still, I'm hoping they have gotten a decent storyline down.

PS. Godmars, stop with the ninja fanboy remarks. FFXIII is 3 discs long on the Xbox 360, everyone knows this.

Godmars2903240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

If everyone knew it, it would have been officially announced along with the EU cover. Just like no-installs were on the back cover of the JP version.

As for Lost Odyssey, I'm sure that its cut-scenes will be the equal of FFXIII in all aspects. It being fully voiced an all. Including novellas you have to read...

Also, Uncharted 2, MGS4, prove that not everything is possible on a multiplatform basis. The 360 has yet to have a game on their level. Much less MAG.

Xeoset3239d ago

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If they're such amazing games, why are you never playing them? Give it up, fanboy or keep playing this 'war'. If I were you I'd camp out of my nearest game store instead of circle jerking the rest of you fanboy brigade, because like you, their tossing off Sony too.

gaffyh3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

@above - You do the same thing, except you rotate through your accounts. Is that really your only defense against a valid argument? "if they're so good why aren't you playing them right now?"

You could use that stupid argument against any N4G post, it even works against you.

Also Uncharted 2 = one of, if not the, best game ever made. Glad I have both consoles so I can actually use my brain and then speak. And am I the only one that wishes the 360 version had more discs? LO was 4 discs, and was a great game, but the graphics weren't amazing (they were good). I can't see 3 discs being good for the graphics on the 360 version.

NecrumSlavery3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Is the US PS3 version of FF13 going to have fully open ended sidequests or will they be unlocked/locked to the disc swapping pace of the 360 version ???

Saaking3239d ago

Thank god I won't have to get sucked out of the experience by having to switch disk. No, thank Bluray.

Xeoset3239d ago

Cycle through my accounts? This is my only account.
Don't believe me? Be my guest and report me for multiple accounts, I'll still be here when they check my IP.

Saaking, getting up for 20 seconds, twice, would ruin your 'experience'? What about, you know, living? The game is almost 60 hours long. You've got to sleep, you've got to eat, you've got to go outsi... Sorry, I almost mistook you for having a life away from here ;)

DocEvil3239d ago

So you plan to play 50-60 hours straight, no sleep, no bathroom breaks, no food, no work or school, no contact with other humans(actually, this one may be true), etc, etc? Must be since all of those would pull you out of the action more than a 30 second disc change. What a joke.

ia_studio3239d ago

60 dollars / 60 hours,

1 dollar the hour this game is totally worth my money.
and is a good game *cough* I hope *cough*

rockleex3239d ago

Or if one of them gets scratched...

Not to mention the 360 itself is capable of scratching your disks for you...


Good thing Blurays have a protective coating. I know my games will never get scratched unless someone did it on purpose with a cutting knife.

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Relientk773240d ago

thats a good length

can't wait to play it

RadientFlux3240d ago

Aren't most Final Fantasy games 50 to 60 hours long?

Espically when you consider all the bonus/hidden content (ie Ultimate Weapons).

Limited_Vertigo3240d ago

He was simply explaining how long the main portion of the game will be if you simply follow the storyline.

Every single FF since FF6 has given me over 100hrs of gameplay.

Yarite3240d ago

Final Fantasy XIII's story on the PS3 can be enjoyed as one epic streamlined adventure. With no pauses and no need to get off your seat.

Final Fantasy XIII's story on the 360 has been compressed and cut up on to 3-5 dual layered dvd's.

Players will be required to swap discs at given intervals. Due to this the game will feel broken and the true storyline experience which the developers intended for you to feel cannot be experienced.

The 360 version will also need to be installed if it is to match the PS3 versions install free load times.

As well as this it's also very like by the end of the 2nd disc your 360 will RROD or one disc will be scratched. Causing the whole adventure to cease at any given moment.

The Killer3240d ago

"As well as this it's also very like by the end of the 2nd disc your 360 will RROD or one disc will be scratched. Causing the whole adventure to cease at any given moment."

Pennywise3240d ago

Yarite are you the guy from Youtube, or just have him as your avatar?

Noct3240d ago

"As well as this it's also very like by the end of the 2nd disc your 360 will RROD or one disc will be scratched. Causing the whole adventure to cease at any given moment."

*Please insert Disc 2*

MAiKU3240d ago

You non-fanboys are posers.

FYI, you're in the open zone.

ZBlacktt3239d ago

Is he a moron because he is pointing out facts? For it is not a Sony console owner that made up the 60% fail rate. It is not a Sony console owner that made up the lawsuit filed on MS by Xbox owners for game discs getting scratched. It is not Sony console owners that gave the Xbox a DVD drive that requires them to have multi game discs. Or is he a moron because he like so many others wonder who would own such a console with so many issues that date back to it's release.

Budg3tG4m3r3239d ago

Again you fanboys are morons and people laugh at your stupidity.

ZBlacktt3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Interesting reply. So stupidity is not reading off the facts I pointed out and yet some still buy that product? I fanboy nothing. If I wanted any console I would buy it. But we know the issues, we know what it's lacking and it's great games are multi platform. So no need in bothering buying a lower grade console with the history of issues. simple, no hate.

3239d ago
Wrathman3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

was multiple discs a problem on the ps2? NO
did multiple discs effect sales of them games? NO

on the 360(if it has 4 discs)you will have the option to install to harddrive.thus needing 1 disc in the end.and they will install faster than any ps3 firmware update on the ps3.

thus your arguement is completely redundent.

farewell boy

p.s. how much does it cost to repair rrod?answer much to repair a ps3 after 1 year? yeah you know the answer £pwnage£ or the cost of an xbox arcade with halo3 lol. and if you get your game stuck in it thats 6 months to return.

oh wait.thats why no one is online playing them awesome exclusives.they got stuck in broken playstations

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