Guardian: How to buy a games console this Christmas

Guardian writes: "According to a report by the US market analysts Rockhopper Research and Peanut Labs (and with names like those we must take everything they say seriously) video game consoles will be among this year's most requested Christmas presents. It's not rocket science – the arrival of Modern Warfare 2 now counts among the planet's most successful entertainment launches. People are waking up to the fact that video games are astonishingly good fun – perhaps even more fun than Jedward. If that's scientifically possible."

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Kurisu3239d ago


*waits for a Jedward game to release*

I think the Jedward game will feature a dance mat, and you will have to master all their dance moves. It will also feature a "singing" mode where the game scores you on how awful your skills are. As well as this the game will feature head tracking with Natal / PS Eye, and it will give you extra points if you have hair as big as them.

lordkemp0073239d ago

How to buy a games console this Christmas.

Its easy --- Just ask the salesperson to give you the one that 'Only does everything.'

Disclaimer - If he is mentally challenged and gives you an Xbox 360, hit him in the face with a large custard pie-Boom!