Boy, 16, becomes UK's youngest ever solo pilot... thanks to practising on his Xbox

A teenager has become the youngest pilot to fly solo in Britain - a year before he can start learning to drive.

James Coyne-Downhill, 16, took to the skies when he was just 14, and made his first solo flight on his 16th birthday.

His instructor put the impressive feat down to the dextrous skills of the 'Xbox generation.'

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Bungie3244d ago

Thank you xbox

you always keep giving

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Guido3243d ago

Console today are so helpful in taking new strides in technology. Xbox helps people fly and heat their homes, the PS3 helps fold and find cures for diseases and the Wii, it supplies doctors with more patients suffering from carpal tunnel! Oh these are the good old days!

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HolyOrangeCows3243d ago

Isn't Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC, though? :P

hay3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Not to be picky but...

"‘I do love to play computer games and always go on the Xbox when I’m round friend’s houses."

It appears to be cause of computer games, you can't get much skill playing at friend's house on any console. Also PC has a lot of great flight sims and great flight controlers, that could be more plausible cause of his achievement.

I played a lot flight sims in my younger days and nothing improves hand-eye coordination than those.

There are also some inconsistencies in the article showing they aren't quite sure what role Xbox plays in it. I think it's rather pointing to current gaming generation but cause they may lack knowledge about it they just hit on popular console in UK.

FACTUAL evidence3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

As long as he knows once you die, there is no respawning then he's good. XD

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FishCake9T43244d ago

Nice dude. Keep setting records, hopefully you wont practice on Wii Resort.

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