Medal of Honor Box Art Looks Suspiciously Familiar

With the announcement of EA's Medal of Honor reboot, gamers got a chance to gaze upon the new box art for the game. While this art is almost certainly a placeholder, there is no denying that it looks strikingly similar to another modern day first-person shooter.

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YungXclusive2K93242d ago

lol it looks nothing like MW2 wtf

SixZeroFour3242d ago

lmao...barely, but i can kinda see what hes getting at, i think the comparison was between moh and mw2 hardened edition

- black and white
- one guy standing middle of cover
- holding what looks to be an silenced m4 (although barrel is longer on mw2 HE)

but thats about it

rdgneoz33241d ago

It looks nothing like MW2, and a lot like this guy...

SubZero3241d ago

Wow a war game has arm men on the cover? what next a gun?

ChozenWoan3241d ago

Up until CoD4, both games where set in WW2 and both tried to capture the feeling of being in the movie "Saving Private Ryan". The reason CoD4 was so shocking was due to it being modernized as some gamers, myself included, are just no longer into WW2 games.

Time to get back to MAG beta.

Bnet3433241d ago

Yeah, not familiar at all. The only thing that is familiar is the modern approach EA will take. They say Call of Duty 4/MW2 succeeded so they have to try it to grab some of that success.

badz1493241d ago

I know, right? this article is pointless or may I say stupid at best!

HolyOrangeCows3241d ago

Just looking for hits.

ProperFunked3241d ago

its probably still gonna be better than MW2 neways. especially if the MP is gonna be headed by DICE(unless i miss read the article)

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ProperFunked3241d ago

holy sh*t!!!

thats pretty much exactly spot on

tdrules3242d ago

i expected the BFBC2 one and got Medal Of Honor.
die pl0z

Look_Behind3241d ago

Yea the BFBC2 on is basicly the same lol

Ju3241d ago

LOL. Maybe EA thought, if you can't beat 'em with one, lets double the doze. ha ha. w/e I'm getting BC2, if that one is half decent, than this maybe, too (as long its end of 2010).

LinuxGuru3241d ago

Ok I have to admit, I really think I'm looking forward to this.

EA + DICE handling multiplayer...we have something fresh and good from the Medal of Honor guys!

Medal of Honor needs to come back and retake its rightful spot as king of war shooters.

Serjikal_Strike3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

its gonna be just like MW2/CoD4....
Just think back when all WW2 games started looking and playing the same and that got old real quick..
Now we got KZ2... MW2..Cod4...M.A.G...and now Modern Medal of Honor?

I dont see anything fresh or new coming from EA..that we haven't seen already

LinuxGuru3241d ago

If anything, Medal of Honor has every right to try and reinvent itself, because it was the series that started all the war game craze.

Medal of Honor is OLD SKOOL, yo!

BLuKhaos3241d ago

Kz2 and Mag are both future warfare...

RockmanII73241d ago

I, as a one console owner, don't get KZ2 or MAG, and MW2 is a sequel to CoD4, so you should only count one. So I only have MW2 and MoH.

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King Hippo3241d ago

It's because all 3 boxart pics have a guy on it holding a gun. :|

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