Spike TV VGAs 2009: Medal of Honor Teaser

See the exclusive World Premiere of the brand new Medal of Honor game only at the Video Game Awards 2009 airing LIVE Saturday December 12th 8PM/ 7C only on SPIKE.

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Lemon Jelly3243d ago

Here's hopping its some gameplay, but most likely it will be some giant lettering with some tough sounding guy talking in the background with it fading to the boxart.....

Solans Scott3243d ago

Whatever they show I hope it builds my anticipation. In an already crowded genre they need to stand out, similarly to what the Battlefield franchise on consoles has done.


I liked this game until I just got sick of world war 2 games. I love modern combat a lot so here's to it being a great comeback. I hope it is very good. Good luck MOH.