Moving on: Bungie is hiring for 'next game universe'

Destructoid: Bungie's job page blew up with listings for new positions. New not-Halo positions, it seems. A listing for a new writing lead asks for these specific requirements:

"Histories and legends, combat dialog, weapon descriptions, etc. Your words will help define Bungie's next game universe."

Next, as in not Halo. Honestly, I can't even imagine a non-FPS at this point. That would be nice, though.

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young juice3335d ago

no bungie should stick to fps its what there best at,microsoft should give some other 360 developer a different genre. even though bungie is not with microsoft anymore its clear that they don't want to develop for ps3 resulting in "mo money mo money". wink wink

Bungie3335d ago

we need more smart innovative talented people

this game is going to be HUGE

GWAVE3335d ago

Y'know, I'm not sure what to expect from Bungie. Let's face it: they're not the innovative design team they used to be (many of their key leaders and designers have since left the team).

But at the same time, they certainly know how to market a game and put some kick a$$ music in the game.


A Rock Band clone?

Tony P3334d ago

I suppose I'm not surprised that articles that suggest Bungie are sticking to their word are slow to approval compared to:

A transparent claim that enables the bashers.

Cajun Chicken3334d ago

About time. They lost their baby to MS so they should be seeing about setting up a brand new series.