Consoles top Cnet's best HD Players

The format war between Blu-ray and HD DVD continues to rage on, and that puts HDTV owners in an awkward position if they want to buy a high-definition disc player.

While prices are still probably too high for the average buyer, there are several solid second-generation HD DVD and Blu-ray models for early adopters willing to take the risk.

And of course, the best high-definition bargain so far has been game consoles--they offer excellent high-definition movie watching, plus high-def gaming and network media capabilities.

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peksi4572d ago

It's a good thing Sony didn't blow it with the BD quality. PS3 is expensive but it seems to be of high quality.

frostbite064572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

I wonder if thats the quality or just what your getting for the price. Its a sweet deal with the games and all, but it recieved a much higher rating than any stand alone got. And all im really saying is if that is truly the best blu-ray player, they could just make it into a stand alone.

Keyser4572d ago

They say it's a good player and better than many stand alone bluray players available. They often use the PS3 to test video content on tv's over using a standalone.

I never had a standalone so I don't have anything to compare it to but the image looks superb on my tv. (1080p)

MK_Red4572d ago

Wow, in Cnet reviews, PS3 got the highes review score!! Xbox360 Elite got 8.5 (Original got 8.4), Wii got 8 and PS2 got 7.3!!

Quicksilva4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

Very interesting.. This helped me alot with my purchase.

Now I am gonna wait for the 360 ELITE to come out then buy an HD-DVD drive for it. I can also hope that something happens to the format war by then too. Kinda just want someone to win it already so I can get all the movies :D

EDIT: I mean the Elite coming out in the UK.