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chasegarcia3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

" with a great multiplayer, to boot (which is being headed up by EA DICE ".

Alcohog3295d ago

You can go prone in every PC BF game...can you not in the console versions?

Fishy Fingers3295d ago

No not in the console version. Dice claimed the lower resolution made it difficult to spot prone players at distance, there for making it all to camper friendly.

Raf1k13295d ago

I've been playing the BF:BC2 beta and it does seem as though going prone would make snipers a real pain to spot.

If Dice is doing the multiplayer it should be a pretty fun game.

calis3295d ago

I hope it isn't another WW2 shooter. Get over it.

bobcostus3295d ago

@calis: Helps to read the article bud. It's "Today's War" Set in Afghanistan.

calis3295d ago

"Helps to read the article bud. It's "Today's War" Set in Afghanistan."

Why read when I have you to summarise in one lovely sentence. ;-)

calis3295d ago

oo i'm being n4g stalked. someone needs a life to continuously disagree with me.

STONEY43295d ago

"MoH Current Warfare?"

No, it's MoH Today's Warfare.

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Eric7943295d ago

"Medal of Honor will hit PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2010, with EA Los Angeles handling the single-player and the Battlefield veterans at EA DICE on multiplayer"

Good-God. This game is going to be amazing.

SuperM3295d ago

Dice doing the multiplayer. this sounds really promising

mastiffchild3295d ago

I'm just praying the backwards step of STILL neglecting the online MP of MW2 by not giving gamers(opn any platform) a decently lag free experience and forcing us into P2P hell won't be repeated here by EA. They need to make this better than MW2 in every area and dedicated servers would be a great place to begin-or are people happy to be limited to lag fests of 9 a side forever? It would win me, loads of PC gamers over and provide a better, more foprward thinking service for evetyone in the process. Also it would give IW/Acti a boot on the bum and maybe get them to care about how THEIR online plays next time up, no?

Whatever, I felt that COD/MW was getting a bit too big for it's boots and Acti need the competition so they push both Treyarcg AND IW harder in future-had this been coming out sooner with dedicated servers and a longer campaign then I doubt we'd have seen MW2 in it's current MW1.5 state. We all know that competition is good in the industry and, to me, the way Acti and IW steam rollered everyone and imposed things we didn't want and that weren't actually the best for the game's quality would've never come to [pass with greater mainstream competition.

Just hope it's a good game as the last MoH was a bit crappy.

Alcohog3295d ago

Oh man, this is going to blow away MW2's singleplayer...which in realiity should not be difficult. This game will be amazing though, indeed!

peeps3295d ago

although i'm really really excited about this game, how can you possibly say that? i mean you know absolutely nothing about this game exept the name, setting and developers!

Bumpmapping3295d ago

Medal OF Honor>Call Of Duty

AliTheBrit193295d ago


Keep on telling yourself that

Medal of Honour (thats how you f*cking spell it) is now trying to be Call of Duty by moving to a modern setting LOL

Don_Frappucino3295d ago

MOH Frontline was one of the best shooters on PS2

Cosquae3295d ago

Medal of Honor : Modern Warfare?

Medal of Honor : Because-CoD-series-made-so-muc h-money?

Feel free to add your own suggestions ;)

tdrules3295d ago

Infinity Ward was formed from the team that made Medal Of Honor, dont be ignorant

CobraKai3295d ago

I think you nailed it with Medal of Honor: Modern Warfare.

Just because IW was responsible for the original Medal of Honor games doesn't change the fact that MoH is now copying CoD success, which isn't a bad thing. Let's face it I think a lot of people had enough of WW2 games.

XecutiioneR3295d ago

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat came out (Xbox release date: 2005) while Call of Duty was still doing what...? Ohhh WWII games, that's right. Call of Duty only stepped up to modern times 2 years ago (2007), so don't be so quick to write it off.

evrfighter3295d ago

and battlefield 2 had what again?

Ranks and unlocks.

CoD4 was not original in the slightest bit.

But then again. If MoH is a worthy title. All it means is that IW has to step it and give us quality titles. Not $10 more for updated perks and killstreaks...

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